Best Pool Sand Filter Pumps – Select The Top Ones

Sand Filter Pump

A sand filter pump is an essential equipment for filtering an above ground pool or below ground pool. It can be used in a hidden swimming pool also. A sand filter is considered to be the most compact and affordable way of cleaning the pool.

There are many pool owners who do not know how to clear cloudy pool water or how to remove algae in the pool. For such people, the first step in the cleaning process is to use a sand filter pump and after that, they can use algaecides to remove algae and prevent it from appearing again in their above ground swimming pool.

A sand filter consists of a pool filter stand that is roughly shaped and is capable of removing all the debris and dirt from the pool. The cleaned water goes back to the pool through the bottom of the sand filter.

Through the back washing process, the flow of water is changed to make sure debris and dirt are removed from the sand and goes to the waste line directly into the ground. You need to make sure the wastewater that flows out does not get blocked by pool decks if decks are installed. The life span of a sand filter is about five to eight years depending upon the quality of the product and its usage.


How to Choose a Sand Filter Pump for Your Above Ground Pool?


The first factor to consider when choosing a sand filter pump for your above ground swimming pool is the size of the sand filter pump.

You should know how much horsepower you need for your sand filter pump. If your pool is around 24 ft, then you can choose a sand filter pump of 1HP whereas if it is more than 24 ft, then you can go for 1.5HP.


For an above ground pool, you can get the sand filter pump and filter combined in one unit.

Therefore, you need to make sure you buy from an established manufacturer known for providing sand filters and pumps.

Dual Speed

If you’re concerned about energy and require a sand filter pump that consumes less energy, then you need to buy sand filter pump with the dual speed option. You can get sand filter pump that runs both on low speed and high speed. So, whenever you need the pump to work on high speed, you can just turn the button to high speed.


Cost is an important factor to consider when buying a sand filter pump. There is no point in going for an expensive model when you can get good models that cost half the price of an expensive model. You should select a model that will last long and is user-friendly so that you don’t have to spend too much time on it.

Consider the above-given factors when you’re planning to buy a sand filter pump for your above ground swimming pool.

Best Filter Pump for Your Swimming Pool

It is very important to have good filter pump for your swimming pool. If you are serious about maintaining a healthy and sanitary environment in your swimming pool, then you must invest your money wisely in a good swimming pool filter pump.

The sand filter is a good option if you’re not going to use salt water in your swimming pool. The easy to use and simple to operate sand filter can remove 20 - 40 microns sized dirt and debris from your swimming pool.

They are more reliable when compared to DE filters and Cartridge filters and therefore are the most commonly used filter pumps for your swimming pool.

Best 7 Sand Filter Pumps You Can Buy for Your Home Use

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools

Intex Krystal clear sand filter pump is one of a kind sand filter pump that can keep your pool clean. The natural sand filter keeps your swimming pool water soft and refreshing.

The 6 function control valve of the Intex Krystal ensures that the pool water is filtered, backwash, rinsed and recirculated. It has a built in 24 hour time that ensures there is no problem in keeping your pool free from dirt and debris.

The strainer basket will make sure the cleaning is completed without any problems and ensure the lifespan of the sand.

The Intex Krystal clear sand filter pump is capable of generating a pump flow rate of 3000 gallons per hour and is an ideal investment for the above ground pool. It is the most efficient and cost effective sand filter pump you can have today.

There is no need to buy a replacement filter every year when you’re using the Intex Krystal clear sand filter pump.

The sand will last for 5 years and you need to replace only after that period. Therefore, this sand filter pump requires no maintenance compared to other models. The powerful sand filter pump is able to remove even the smallest algae and dirt and keep your swimming pool fresh. The product has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 805 Amazon Customer Reviews.

Best Choice Pro 2400GPH 13" Sand Filter Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump 10000GAL

The best choice Pro 2400GPH 13" sand filter is one of the best above ground swimming pool sand filter pumps currently available in the market.

The filter pump is designed in such a way that it can meet all your requirements. Without any maintenance, the sand filter pump is capable of keeping your swimming pool clean.

The highly efficient sand filter pump takes water from the skimmer to filter without any room for mistake.

The multi-function valve has six different positions and therefore it becomes easy to filter the debris and dirt.

The best choice Pro 2400GPH 13" sand filter has 19-pound size capacity and a maximum suction of 32 feet. The 13-inch sand filter has a drum that can hold up to 43 pounds of sand and has the ability to handle pools that are up to 10000 gallons.

The easy to use and simple to maintain sand filter pump is one of the most selling sand filter pumps. The product has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars from 129 Amazon customer reviews.

Blue Wave 12-Inch Sand Filter System

The Blue Wave 12-inch sand filter pump is designed specifically for an above ground swimming pool.

It comes with the ½ inch horsepower pump. The easy to assemble sand filter pump is known for excellent performance and reliability.

It is the perfect replacement for any Index pump and can be easily installed in your above ground swimming pool.

The filter tank is made of polyethylene that is durable and can resist winter storms easily. It is also corrosion proof making it best for every home. The top mount sand filter pump is designed to make backwashing easy and fast.

The blue wave 12-inch sand filter system with optimum flow rate ensures clean and clear swimming pool water. The product has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 5 customer reviews.

Hayward Pro Series S210T93S 21-Inch Top-Mount Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System with 1.5-HP Matrix Pump:

Hayward brand, well known for producing high-quality Pro Series above ground pool sand filter pumps, has come up with another high performing sand filter system called Hayward Pro Series S210T93S 21-Inch Top-Mount Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System.

This cost effective and easy to use above ground pool sand filter pump provides high performance and high durability. Just like other Hayward products, the above ground pool sand filter pump makes sure your swimming pool is free from debris and dirt.

Hayward Pro Series S210T93S 21-Inch Top-Mount Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System has a top diffuser that makes sure the water from the swimming pool is distributed evenly to the sand bed in an umbrella-like pattern.

This process ensures the swimming pool water is filtered from every angle and clear water is sent back to the swimming pool and also allows thorough backwashing.

The energy saving technology of the Hayward Pro Series ensures you save maximum energy as the pump and filter need to be used only for a shorter period of time for cleaning the pool.

The 7 position valve gives you maximum flow at the low-pressure drop. The product is suitable for those who love to have a high performing, energy efficient sand filter for the above ground pool. It has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 121 Amazon customer reviews.

Rx Clear Radiant Swimming Pool Sand Filter with 6-way Valve, 24-Inch:

Rx Clear Radiant Swimming Pool Sand Filter is designed to handle the filtration needs of any swimming pool. It is easy to use sand pump that can be installed and operated by anyone with minimal knowledge about filters and pumps.

Rx Clear Radiant swimming pool sand filter comes with a 6-way valve and is able to hold a maximum of 300 lbs of sand. The product has won many hearts within a short period of time and is known for its great efficiency, high performance, and zero maintenance costs.

The high performing sand bed ensures all the debris and dirt from the above ground swimming pool is caught and removed completely and keeps your swimming pool water clean and free from any bacteria.

You can easily use the Rx Clear Radiant swimming pool sand filter for years without worrying about contaminated water.

The sand needs to be replaced only after 5 years. The energy efficient product has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars from 18 Amazon customer reviews.

Above Ground Pool Sand Filter Pump – Hookup and Installation Guide


Above ground pool sand filter pumps are easy to install. These pumps will ensure your swimming pool remains clear and free from dirt and debris. First, you need to find a location to place your sand filter pump. You can install it near your above ground solar pool heater. It is better to keep the filter and pump within 2 feet from the pool. Now, dig down and now place the pump and the filter on the patio block to get the maximum stability.


The next step is connecting the skimmer and then the hose clamps on both the ends of the hoses. Connect one end of the hose to the skimmer basket and then screw the clamp tightly. The other end of the hose should be connected to the fitting on the front of sand filter pump and make sure you screw that tightly.


Now you need to connect the return hose. Then, place hose clamps on both the ends. One end is to be connected against the pool wall and other end to the filter. Make sure the clamps are tightened. After this, the next step is to connect the filter discharge. One end is placed at the top of the pump and the other end is marked as “pump in”. Now, fill the sand in the filter and turn on the pump. Your filter is now ready and it will start the cleaning process immediately.

Other Important Articles


How does a sand filter pump work?

Water from the pump is pushed up to pass through the sand. Dirt and debris are caught by the sand.

The clean water then goes through the filter to your swimming pool. Through backwashing, the sand filter ensures debris and dirt that are caught by the sand do not reach back to the pool.

In this process, the flow of water is changed thus ensuring debris and dirt are removed from the sand and goes to the waste line directly into the ground.

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How to clean a sand filter pump?

For cleaning your sand filter pump, you need to turn off the pump and move the filter valve to backwash. Then, connect your waste water hose and turn the power on. Run the pump for 2 to 3 minutes.

You can see the cloudy water will become clear. Now, change the setting to Rinse and switch the pump on again for another 2–3 minutes. Once done, you can go back to the original settings.

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What size sand filter do I need for in-ground and above ground pool?

To choose a sand filter for your swimming pool is not an easy task. The best option is to get the help of experts. The size of the sand filter for an above ground pool and in ground pool depends upon the size of your swimming pool. For example, for a 24 feet pool that can have 13500 gallons, you will need a powerful sand filter that can have a turnover of 18000 gallons in 10 hours time.

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Sand Filter vs. De Filter vs. Cartridge Filter

There are mainly 3 types of filters for pools. They are the sand filter, the DE filter and the cartridge filter.

Sand Filter

Sand Filter is the classic and oldest pool filter that is the least expensive among the other types of pool filters.

You can see a sand filter in almost 90% of pools in America. Special quality sand is used in the sand filter.

After the water is filled in the pool, it goes through the sand and even the minute debris is removed.

The dirt and debris are removed through the filtering process and the pool water is kept fresh and free from debris by this process.

DE Filter

Works similar to a sand filter with the only difference being the filter media that is used in both the filters.

In DE filter, it contains filter fingers instead of sand. The fingers have a coating of DE power, which is a mix of crushed sea shells and silica secretions of sea organisms.

The water in the pool goes through these fingers. The fingers remove the dirt and debris present in the water and keep the pool neat and clean.

It is an expensive way of purifying the water and hence not many people use DE filters.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filter is the most expensive type of filter and it is very popular too.

You can see the cartridge filter in premium pools where you have a multi-element cartridge filter.

Water goes through the cartridge and the debris is blocked by the folds in the cartridge.

If maintained well, a cartridge filter can last up to 8 months.

Common Sand Filter Pump Problems & Maintenance

The most common problem with a sand filter pump is leakage. To fix the leakage, you need to first find the source of the leakage and then fix the leakage. Sometimes, you need to replace the cracked components as it is not easy to fix it. Another problem is that your water may turn cloudy.

The water may be cloudy because of the growth of algae or a dirty sand filter. You can either drain a pool or try to fix the problem.

Find out if your sand filter pumps are dirty. If so, clean it to remove all the dirt. To remove algae, use best algaecides available in market. You can also raise the ph value in the pool to keep your pool fresh and good for use.

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Which is better, saltwater filtration system or a sand filtration?

A saltwater filtration system is better compared to sand filtration but the problem with a saltwater filter is that it is more expensive compared to sand filters.

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