From Clean To Green: Reasons For Pool Water Discoloration

Pool Water Discoloration

Hello!! I am back again with yet another swimming pool related article. It took me some time to get back to you guys. But come on! It is not every day that a pool issue crops up in my neighborhood.

Honestly speaking! I am somewhat good at the pool repair stuff, and once I work my magic, you can be rest assured that the pool will not give any trouble for some time.

Above all, repairing pools is only my hobby, you guys. It is not my profession. But my family members are sure that I will make handsome revenue, if become a full-time pool repair man.

No thanks!!

The winter is long gone, and the summer is almost knocking on our doors. So, it is time to prepare the pool once again to beat the heat with wet splashes. My youngest daughter is showing extra interest in the pool.

She loves water and spends most of the time either by the pool or in the pool. So, when my princess said that it was time to prep the pool, then I had to obey her commands. Last weekend, I thought of taking off the covers.

I hope you remember that I only have a normal pool cover and not high tech ones as my in-laws have. My daughter was by my side all the time.

When I finally took off the cover, my daughter shouted “Ewwww!! What is wrong with the pool daddy?” My favorite pool that was crystal clear last summer has turned green like a swamp.

When my wife saw the condition, she could not stop laughing. I was rather annoyed with this behavior.

When I asked her, she said that I had spent too much time inspecting and repairing others’ pools and pumps.

My green pool is the proof that its time I turned my attention towards my own house. She was kind of right. So, it was time to get down to business once again.


Green pool indicates lack of maintenance

Yes! It's right! My pool was not maintained properly. Laugh all you want! Pool maintenance is a tricky task.

I always fish out leaves, twigs, and other debris, which fall in the water. Apparently, that is not enough.

Running the filter regularly is also not enough. I did not have to spend too much time on the internet, searching for the cause of this green water.

My wife was quick to come to my rescue! Yes, guys! She!! Her parents always had a pool. So, she was aware of this condition.

She quickly suggested checking the chlorine balance, or algae growth. She had faced a similar situation at her place. Thank god I was not dating her back then!

Too much algae growth in water

Algae are plants, which grow in water. There is no exact reason why it happens. When it gets moisture in abundant amounts, and the right temperature, it develops.

Low maintenance and lack of movement in the pool also encourage its growth.

Algae not only float on the pool water, but also attach to the walls, and floor of the pool. It happens when the algae growth exceeds normal level.

Presence of this plant in the pool water will not only make the water greenish but will also make the water unsafe for swimming.

If you swim in algae-infested water, then you can develop skin infection and hair problems. So, I made sure none of my kids, or dog ventured near the pool.

The last thing that you want to do is turn on the filter if pool water has algae. The plants will get into the filter, and clog it. That will be an added issue. Trust me! You do not want that.

Malfunction of the pool pump filter

Algae infested water cannot be cleaned with the pool filter. But if your filter is not working, then it can trigger the growth of these green plants, which can rob the pool of its glorious look.

 You must have read my article on cleaning pool filter cartridges. Wait, what? You haven’t? Well! Then go read that first.

It is common for filters to stop working. Apart from technical issues, it happens when something gets stuck in the filters.

When the water circulation stops, stagnant water offers an ideal breeding field for the algae.

 Fungi growth will soon follow algae, and the situation will turn from bad to worse. So, it is best to keep the pool pump filter in perfect condition, at all times.

Inadequate levels of Chlorine

Any individual who has a pool will know about the importance of chlorine in maintaining the color, and hygiene of the pool.

Adding chlorine not only prevents the pool water from stain but also keeps the germs away.

The absence of proper chlorine concentration in the water will encourage the growth of fungi and algae in the pool water.

If you do not want to face a situation as I did, as soon as you remove your automatic pool cover, then make sure that chlorine level in the pool is adequate.

If you are located in a warm area, then you normal chlorine will not be enough to meet the requirements. Purchase some strong algaecides, which will triumph over these minute green plants.

pH imbalance in the pool water

pH imbalance is another reason that can turn the pool water cloudy. Even a person, who is not aware of the adverse effects of algae infection, will not feel the urge to get into a pool that has greenish and cloudy water.

It is too uninviting. I was unable to look at my pool for more than two minutes at a stretch. It felt like my whole body was itching, even though I was standing far from the water.

pH balance of the water must be kept neutral, at 7.4. In case it goes below this level, you will suffer from a burning sensation in your mucous membranes, and eyes. If the acidity of the water increases, then it can also affect the pool pump filter, especially the cartridges.

On the other hand, if the water becomes highly alkaline, then it will react with the chlorine, and prevent it from working its magic.

Chlorine will not be able to disinfect pool water properly if the pH level of the water goes above 7.4. It will make way for cloudiness, and discoloration of your pool.

You will be happy to know that I was able to tackle this problem on my own as well. What does this mean? It means another article on that is on its way guys. Trust me!

Getting rid of algae is a tough task. When I was only half way through the challenge, I had to bring in extra hands to do the scrubbing.

Yes! I may look invincible in pool related matters, but even Super-Man needed to join hands with Bat-Man, and Wonder Woman in “Dawn of Justice.” So, cut me some slack.


Everything is correlated. If you wish to keep the pool in perfect condition, then you will have to turn on the filter, as well as maintain proper pH balance of the water.

 Be it an inexpensive pool cover, or a costly automatic pool cover, it will also keep external dirt away. Unwanted algae growth plays havoc with the pool filter cartridges as well.

Bryan Mallory

My name is Bryan Mallory and I have over 25 years of experience in swimming pool, spa maintenance and repairs. With my experience and knowledge I can return your pool back to its best and keep it in peak condition.