Best Above Ground Pool Decks – A How to Build DIY Guide

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Do you own a swimming pool at your home or at your property? Are you looking to make it more beautiful and useful by constructing an above ground pool deck?

Nowadays, the demand for above ground swimming pools is more and to make your above ground swimming pool more beautiful, you will need a beautifully designed above ground pool deck made either of wood or stone.

An above ground pool deck is affordable, easy to install, requires less maintenance and is easily available in the market. You and your family can have fun and enjoy the above ground pool deck if it is installed properly with a wooden deck around it.

A wooden deck will allow all your family members to spend enjoyable time and make it easy for everyone to use the pool without climbing a ladder. You can also use the deck for sunbath, dining, and playing.


Benefits of an Above Ground Swimming Pool

The main advantage of having an above ground swimming pool with a deck is that the cost involved in it will be less compared to having a normal swimming pool or a hidden swimming pool.

An above ground swimming pool requires lower maintenance and lesser area. Therefore, it is a very popular option among most Americans today.

If you have a vast area, then you can easily create an above ground swimming pool with deck, where you can conduct poolside parties and functions. It adds value to your home.

Different Types of Above Ground Pool Decks

Above ground pool decks are normally of two types-freestanding decks and attached deck. A freestanding deck is one that stands adjacent to the pool whereas an attached deck is attached to the house.

Both are good. So, depending upon your budget and the type of deck you prefer, you can choose one for your above ground pool.

Freestanding Deck

In most houses in America, you can see freestanding decks as it is more cost effective and easy to construct compared to an attached deck.

A freestanding deck in most cases allows two people at a time to stand on it and has a pair of staircases for entering and leaving the pool.

They are supported by traditional foundations or floating footings.

Attached Deck

The main difference between an attached deck and a freestanding deck is that attached decks get support from the house.

There is a direct connection between the house and the attached deck. An attached deck makes you feel that the pool is a part of the house or is within the house.

Another advantage of an attached deck is that it requires less space compared to a freestanding deck.

But when it comes to cost and complexity, attached decks are more expensive and require more effort and time to build.

Popular Designs for Above Ground Pool Decks

There are many popular designs for above ground pool deck.

The most common above ground pool deck designs are

Platform Deck

A platform deck consists of a deck that is small in size. It is raised to the level of your pool so that you and your family members can sit on it. In most cases, a platform deck is not constructed based on the design of the pool.

Single Side Deck

Just like the name, a single side deck is constructed only on one side of the pool so that people after swimming in the pool can sit there and relax for some time. It is a very common type of pool seen in houses where there is no much space to construct large decks.

All around Deck

All around deck is the biggest and most expensive of the lot. It is constructed completely surrounding the pool. This allows people to come out of the water and spend time on the deck from any point in the pool.

Oval Pool Deck

Oval pool decks are oval shaped and it is built according to the design of the pool. They are very attractive as they match the overall design of the pool.

Round Pool Deck

Just like the oval pool decks, the round pool decks are built for pools that are round in shape. These type of decks allow people to come out of the pool and spend time on the deck from every direction as the deck covers the pool completely.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Above Ground Pool Deck Design/Plan

Normally, a majority of the above ground pool deck designs or plans focus on making the surrounding area look more functional and appealing. There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best above ground pool deck design for your home.


One of the main factors to consider when choosing an above ground pool deck design is the cost of construction. You should have a clear budget in mind before you start looking out for options. If you’re thinking of a cost effective above ground pool deck, then, you should choose a design accordingly. Decks that are built using wood and stones can be expensive.

Consider Your Primary Users

When choosing an above ground pool deck design, you should consider your primary users. If there are small children or elder persons at home, then you should choose a design that suits them.

Shape and Size of the Pool

Another factor to consider when choosing an above ground pool deck design is the shape and size of your pool. You should carefully decide whether you need your deck to be in level with the bottom of the pool or the top of the pool. If you have kids or elder people, it will be better to choose an above ground level deck design that levels with the top of the pool. Otherwise, you will have to use a ladder to climb up and this becomes difficult for elders and small kids.

Overall Space

You should decide how much space your deck should occupy. If you wish to keep beach chairs on your deck and have some space for a grill, then, you need to have a spacious deck. It is better to know in advance what all features you need in your above ground pool deck before you choose a design plan.

Finally, your above ground pool deck should not feel like it is cramped. Also, if you’re someone who plans to conduct poolside parties, then you need to think about the number of guests that are likely to occupy the place. You need to make sure your pool deck will have enough space and room for fresh air.


Today, a variety of materials are used to construct above ground pool decks. People use wood, tiles, cement or free form style to build an above ground pool deck. So, you need to have a clear idea about the look and kind of deck you want for your home before you choose a design.


Whatever be the design, safety comes first. If you have small kids, then it is better to have a fence so that you can keep uninvited guests like wild animals out of the deck and also protect children from falling into the pool.

Drainage System

It is very important to drain a pool on a regular basis and therefore you need to have some space so that the drainage is done properly. Most people when constructing a pool deck forget about it and finally end up having a poor drainage facility.


Last but not the least you should decide where you want your deck. Whether you need it to be attached to the house or keep it as a separate unit. Also, you need to make sure it will match with the overall design and color of the house.

Types of Above Ground Pool Decks

The materials used for constructing an above ground pool deck are very important as it can not only improve the look of your pool area but also ensure that it is cool and easy to walk. Also, you need to make sure the surface of the deck is non-slippery.

Wood Deck

There is no doubt that wooden decks are a symbol of natural beauty.

But, when you’re going to choose wood as a material for your above ground pool deck, you need to understand how much care and maintenance it requires.

Pine is a good option if you’re looking for an inexpensive material, teak is more durable and naturally resistant to insects and mold. Redwood is a good option if you’re ready to spend a few extra dollars as it can last long and give a robust look to your deck.

The problem with the wood deck is that it should be maintained properly. You need to seal and waterproof your wood deck every year so that it lasts long.

Also, the time to construct an above ground pool deck made of wood is more compared to other materials.


Concrete is an inexpensive material that can be used for constructing above ground pool decks.

To create a lasting impression, you can add color to concrete to make it more beautiful and matching with the overall design of the house.

The problem with concrete is that it may break or leak, so you must maintain it properly.

Also, you should make sure some texture is added to make it slip-resistant.


If you’re looking for more sophisticated look for your above ground pool deck, then you can have one which is made of tiles.

You can get an unglazed tile that gives an impression of natural stones.

If proper maintenance is provided, above ground pool decks made up of tiles can last longer and withstand winter and colder temperatures.

Tiles are expensive; therefore, you need to have a good budget in hand for your above ground pool deck if you need to use tiles.

After reviewing the different types of above ground pool decks and the most common designs, it is time for you to look at the best 5 plans for above ground pool decks. Here are the most popular plans used for above ground pool deck.

Best 5 Plans for Above Ground Pool Deck


Above Ground Pool Deck Made of Stones and Wood

If you’re having a shortage of space, then you can build an above ground pool deck with stones and wood that goes with your backyard.

You can construct a pool wall that is about off 4 ft in height with stones and wood. The pool can have 15’ * 30’ measurements and can be constructed as an in-ground pool and raised walls on one side of the pool will make it look more beautiful.

The advantage of this type of plan is that no space is lost and every inch of your backyard is used properly to make a splendid looking above ground pool deck.


Staircase Design

One of the easiest and inexpensive types of above good pool deck is the deck designed in the form of staircase using wood.

You can create a wooden deck that functions like stairs, has enough space for you to sit and relax and wraps the pool completely.

You can make two sides of the wall have retaining walls made up of wood or stone depending upon your interest.

You can easily have a 10’ * 28’ pool that saves a lot of space and money. This type of plan is suitable for homes that have less space in the backyard or for those who want to save space in their backyard.

This cost effective plan can be constructed using concrete also in case you do not want to use wood.


Raised Above Ground Pool Deck with Panel Walls

If you have enough space, then you can choose another more popular plan where you can have a raised above ground pool deck that is made up of pine.

The raised pool deck has panel walls that will keep wild animals from entering the pool area and also keep small children from entering the pool alone in the absence of adults.

You can easily have an in-ground pool that matches with your above ground pool deck design.

The easy to construct, cost effective above ground pool deck can be built within a short period of time, therefore making it one of the most popular above ground pool deck plan.


Oval Shaped Above Ground Pool Deck Made with Wood

If you have an oval-shaped pool, then you can easily build an oval shaped above ground pool deck made with wooden panels within the ground.

You can build pool deck that covers half of the pool wall and then have a small staircase that leads you to slide into your pool.

The advantage of oval shaped above ground pool decks is that it provides extra safety for kids and pets.

The elegant looking pool deck can be constructed within a short period of time and is easy to keep clean.


Above Ground Pool Deck that is placed at Ground Level

How about an above ground pool deck that is placed at ground level? One of the most sought after plans is where you have an above ground pool deck with pool rails and pool walls made of wood with wide planks.

The pool is seated on the ground and can save a lot of money and time. You can also continue to keep your nearby trees and plants without harming them. It is one of the safest designs as small kids and pet animals cannot climb on their own in the pool.

The five plans of above ground pool decks discussed above are widely seen in many houses in America and are considered to be the best above ground pool deck plans.

Depending upon your budget and requirement, you can choose one of the plans for your above ground pool deck.

Building Your Above Ground Pool Deck

After you have decided on the design and location of your above ground pool deck, the next step is to actually start building your above ground pool deck.

It is always better to get the help of professional pool deck builders as they have the experience and tools to build the right above ground pool deck.

When selecting a pool deck building professional, you need to ensure that he has a complete understanding of the area you’re living in and he knows the rules and regulations for constructing the above ground pool deck.

Also, you need to make sure you hire an experienced person rather than a person who is new to this field as an experienced person will be able to handle any complications that may arise during the construction.

Talk with your builder before you sign the contract. Make sure you specify your requirements clearly and get a proper estimation from the builder before starting the work.

Also, you need to make sure you are hiring a licensed and insured person so that there won’t be any problems for you in the case of any accident or fall out.

Additional Points to Keep in Mind for Above Ground Pool Owners

When you’re having a pool, the chances of your pool forming algae is high especially when you don’t use it for a few days or due to the bacteria formation in water.

Algae in the pool can be controlled using good quality algaecides that you can buy from registered shops.

Also, it is better to install an above ground solar pool heater as it helps you to control the temperature of your pool during winter and keep debris away.

Maintaining a good level of pH value in your above ground pool is a very important aspect of pool maintenance.

To raise pH in the pool, you can try adding soda ash and keep the pool undisturbed for a few hours. You can also try adding a small amount of baking soda into the pool to increase the level of pH.

Other Important Articles


Cost to build above ground pool with the deck?

Cost depends on many factors like the material you’re going to use for your deck. But, on an average basis, it can run into $3000 - $8000 with additional installation charges around $1000 - $3000.

Bryan M.

Mistakes to avoid While Building the Deck?

Some of the common mistakes that can be avoided when building a deck are not getting all the permits from authorities to build the deck, selecting low-quality materials, over-spanning, going overboard with your plan, exceeding your budget in mind and not following safety measures.

Bryan M.

What are Cover options for the deck (winter cover)?

You can have winter covers that are made of mesh and vinyl for your above ground pool deck and for your pool. Check with your local winter cover supplier to measure the deck and pool to see what type of cover you need to buy and how much.

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Preferred decks for above ground pools?

Depending upon your budget and requirement, you can choose any of the materials to build a deck for above ground pool. Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, and Stones are the most common materials used for decks.

Bryan M.

Are decking designs for above ground pools and In ground pools different?

Yes. They are different.

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Above ground pool deck framing?

Depending upon your budget and the type of deck you are constructing, you can choose the framing material. You can use wood, vinyl, and aluminum for constructing deck frames.

Bryan M.

How to clear cloudy pool water?

The main reason for cloudy pool water is a poor filter. Therefore, when your pool is cloudy, to clear and purify it, you need to clean or replace your pool filter. Adding chemical substance named “Floc” can help and turn your cloudy pool water into clear water.

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