How To Perform Pool Deck Repair?

Pool Deck Repair

Are you apprehensive that everybody has already entered your pool? Are you uneasy because you are scared that everybody will notice that worn out, cracked and ugly stained pool deck of yours? As long as the concrete is structurally strong, you will have numerous options to repair your pool deck and save your pool from being an eyesore.

Based on the factors like strength and condition of the concrete, your budget and time limit, a pool deck repair work ranges from a simple color augmentation with a single or multiple coats to total resurfacing that includes comprehensive embellished overlay.

You need to first inspect what caused the damage before you start implementing repair work so that you can directly work on the root cause. This way, you can choose and plan the best repair procedure from the many available options.

Generally, repair works include filling the cracks, rework on slope structure so that water doesn’t settle in unnecessary places, include water diverting structure to allow standing water to runoff, relevel the whole surface, hide the stains with a coat of attractive color and decorate complete overlay.


When should you repair pool deck?

Pool decks plays a very important role in attracting swimmers. The more decorative it is, the more pleasant would it be to the swimmer’s eyesight. It is all a mind game and the outlook itself gives a relaxation to the swimmer’s mind. Even if you maintain chemical balance in your pool, keep it away from flies, and see to it that the pool is very hygienic, you will still need to work on pool deck, as it is like a gateway for many swimmers to enter inside.

The more decorative it is, the more it appeals a swimmer’s mind. If your pool is designed to categorize the type of swimmers like men, women, children, infants etc. then you can make use of different resurfacing patterns in each section while finishing with a undeviating border throughout the pool deck to maintain uniformity.

You can make use of children friendly designs and use suitable colors, stamps, prints, stains and other decorations to appeal their eye. Similarly, you can do the same for other category of swimmers. This way, you will not only repair your pool deck, but will also invite a whole family who love to spend their free time in swimming.

Minimum requirement to perform repair

The repairs for pool deck are performed mainly to hide existing flaws while accounting for better look and feel of the overall pool appearance. These repairs involve acid based staining, engraving, cutting according to design pattern, adding stamps etc. All these actions require you to work on the concrete overlay. Hence, it is very important that the pool deck is strong enough to bear the strain of the repairs. If it is not strong, then it will be highly impossible to perform repairs like cutting, engraving or stamp impression as the concrete may lose its structure.

Different methods to renovate your pool deck

Now that you know the requirements to perform repairs for your pool deck and that you are aware of when to perform repairs, let us now discuss about various methods of performing them. If you think about resurfacing complete overlay of your pool deck, then you need to maintain concrete thickness at least to 1 ½ inches and perform other repairs like engraving, recoloring and micro topping.

Resurface complete overlay

Out of the many repair options available, resurfacing is one of the best choices that help to effectively cover up existing flaws of your pool deck. As a part of the solution, you will need to resurface the complete overlay with either concrete or micro topping. This helps you to achieve complete innovational look of the pool.

You can add color, texture and pattern. Pool professionals offer you services designed specifically to not only give a different look, but also to enhance slip resistance of the surface and reflect heat.

How to do it?

There is no hard rule that you should follow a specific method. Since it depends on how imaginative you are while successfully being able to choose economical method, it all depends on your creativity skills.

Let’s discuss about some resurfacing ideas:

  1. You can get the complete concrete overlay stamped with a fieldstone pattern.
  2. You can add flower or crisscross type of concrete engraving to conceal the existing cracks.
  3. You can make a decorative medallion.
  4. You can mix multiple stamp patterns to create a unique pattern.
  5. Select a simple pattern but enhance its look by adding apt colors and textures.
  6. Perform a micro topping with a pattern stain work, highlighted with a different pattern on deck borders.

Engrave concrete

If your concrete is full of cracks and stains, you can cover it with engraving type of repair work. Engraving comes in different patterns and gives your pool a highly innovative touch, while effectively covering existing minor flaws like cracks and stains.

If you want to engrave your concrete, choose a pattern that helps to conceal the existing flaws in your pool deck. Pool experts will inspect the complete pool to analyze the flaws and then guide you to choose the best suitable pattern.

How to do it?

  1. Select appropriate engrave pattern that contributes to hiding existing flaws while adding to highlighting a better look.
  2. Stain the complete concrete deck with the selected pattern.
  3. Use appropriate routing machine designed specifically to engrave designs on concrete.
  4. With the machine, cut the stained pattern into the surface, creating faux grout lines.

Recolor concrete

Did you know that recoloring will not only give you great look, but will also act as a wear resistant for your pool deck? It hides concrete stains when used with integral pigments.

Different coloring methods when used with color hardeners will help you repair heavily stained and worn concrete deck. However, prolonged use without much maintenance will result in discoloration of the pool deck.

A number of factors contribute to pool deck staining like:

  1. Pool water chemicals
  2. Sun exposure
  3. Weathering
  4. Improper way of recoloring

How to preserve pool deck color for long period?

  1. Apply new coat of an acid-based or water-based stain.
  2. Prefer using UV resistant staining product.
  3. Use a good sealer to protect the concrete

Micro topping

If your pool deck is suffering with full of cracks, another option to repair is by micro topping. This method helps your pool deck to achieve better decoration and pattern scores. It all depends on the personal creativity of yours and your professional guide.

In this method, you will create a fresh surface to stain. It is an economical way to conceal flaws on the pool deck while making it decorative and eye appealing at the same time. In this method, you can use a texture that suits your requirement.

If you want a smooth finish, then you will need to apply two base coats manually and then trowel a third thin coat to achieve feathery smooth surface. Then you will stain the surface and finish with a urethane.

For a different finish, micro topping material should be sprayed and this creates a uniform rippled texture.

You can stain the finish to create a spotted look.

How to do it?

  1. First, you should work on cracks by stitching and filling them with mortar.
  2. Then, install swale to perform corrections in drainage problem.
  3. Then perform micro topping repair on your pool deck with the best staining pattern.
  4. Use appropriate texture to enhance the pattern.
  5. You can decorate your pool deck border with brick patterns and stencil designs.

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A well maintained and refurbished pool deck appeals swimmers and give them better relaxation. Make use of comfortable patterns and stains that contribute to better relaxation. At the same time, be more creative while being economical. Try to choose a pattern that hides present flaws in your pool deck.

Resurfacing the complete deck overlay can include mixture of various types of pool deck repairs. You can use either one of the available repair methods or mix and match them to give you an outstanding and unique look. Most commonly used repair methods are concrete engraving, recoloring and micro topping. You can perform a unique design with these repairs by adding decorative prints, borders, colors, textures, stamps and patterns.

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