How To Raise pH Level In Pool? Simple And Effective Steps



A swimming pool must always be well maintained and in the maintenance, having a balanced pool water pH is an important factor not to be ignored at any cost. The installation of hidden pools is incomplete without attaining required pH levels.

If pH is optimal, then the metal fittings inside the pool as well as the walls of the pool will remain clear. Also, enjoying swimming in a pool is possible only at the right pH level, so that you don’t have an itchy or burning skin experience (How To Setup A Fresh Water Pool). 

The optimal pH of a swimming pool must be maintained between 7.4 and 7.8. If your pool water fails this pH level test, then below are the techniques to help you raise the pH,but first let us know the exact reasons of drop in pH levels.

Causes Of Low PH?

A number of factors are responsible for low pH.

Local Water Source

The most common reason is that your source of water supplies water with low pH.

Chemical Source

Excess quantity of pH reducer is one of the cause, which you might have used earlier to control high pH levels. Sometimes we need to add chlorine tablets which are also responsible for a reduction in pH level, bringing it around 2.8. If you have been using bromine in your pool then the pH will remain at 4. Shocking is another treatment that leads to lowering of water pH.

Rain Or Ground Water Source

You may sometimes observe that after a heavy lash of rain, pH of your pool has more acidity. If flood water enters into your pool it can also reduce the pH.

Organic Source

If your water pool is surrounded by trees then the leaves, bugs or grass will be another reason of reduced pH level.

Human Source

Using a pool also contributes to the imbalance of pH due to addition of sweat, body oils, saliva, and urine. So it is always a good measure to monitor the pH some days of pool usage.

Steps To Increase PH Levels

Adding Soda Ash

Adding Soda Ash To Pool

If pH of your pool water is low, you can add sodium carbonate also called soda ash. A general rule to add Soda Ash is that you must add 2 lbs of soda ash in 10,000 gallons of water of the swimming pool each time you perform the treatment.

The soda ash must be spread in the pool surface, beginning from the deepest part of pool. At the same time the pump must be kept ON to circulate and distribute the soda Ash added in water evenly and test after an hour later for the new pH value.

Add more Soda Ash if the pH is still less. If your pool water becomes cloudy it will clear in a day.

Add Baking Soda

Adding Baking Soda To Pool

If the pool water pH still remains low despite adding soda ash, then low alkalinity may be the reason. It should be between 80 ppm and 150 ppm.

To raise it by a value of 10 ppm, add 1.4 lbs of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in 10,000 gallons pool water.

Check again after an hour after applying more circulation.

Aeration Of Pool

Aeration Of Pool

Aerating pool water is another useful step to raise pH. Use water jets to keep the water moving towards and around the pool surface. Carbon dioxide will be driven out in this process and raise the pH with no effect on the total alkalinity. It is a time consuming process and may take many days to complete but still the most reliable method for maintaining a stable and low pH.

Other Methods To Take Care

  • Manufacturer’s instructions must be followed. This will help in managing harmful chemicals, sodium carbonates to prevent unwanted reaction with water.
  • On a windy day add the sodium bicarbonate powder downwind to prevent its blowing back and add it by keeping the container close to the water surface.
  • Begin with 75% of your pool requirements and run the filter pump. After waiting for an hour, test for pH and add the remainder if needed. This will prevent over acidifying the pool so that you don’t have to lower down again.


The pool water pH tend to change after some time due to the factors discussed above. The best thing to do is to check the pH level regularly to do the needful whenever it falls lower than the threshold. This will keep the equipment and metal components of pool, safe from damage as well as the pool with remain stain free.

Bryan Mallory

My name is Bryan Mallory and I have over 25 years of experience in swimming pool, spa maintenance and repairs. With my experience and knowledge I can return your pool back to its best and keep it in peak condition.