Invisible Pool Fence: Features and Benefits

Invisible Pool Fence



When it comes to have a pool at home, whether it is hidden, in-ground or over-ground, the major concern that comes to one’s mind is the safety. According to WHO report, there are around 3,72,000 annual drowning cases worldwide. This challenge of pool safety can be met with an effective fencing around the pool. Along with the safety, other factors that are also considered important today, are its appearance and cost.

The safety barriers may increase the overall cost of hidden water pools, which are already quite expensive than the in-ground and over-ground pools but the money spend on fencing is worthwhile if safety is a major factor in a home with kids and pets.

What Is Invisible Fence?

Various options of fences are available but the latest trend in pool enclosure designs is glass fence. The see-through fence lets you supervise the activities in pool due to its non-obstructive view. The invisible pool fence not only take care of our safety concerns, but it also helps in creating a pleasing landscape around your pool as well as blending with the surroundings. With newer technologies available today, there is no need to sacrifice the aesthetics to create a safe pool. These transparent fence options add an appealing decor in both modern or classic homes, hotels and theme parks.

Construction And Designs

The invisible pools are constructed with glass, plastic or mesh. All these three components provide invisibility to fence around the pool. The support components include the outer or side frames, double coated marine-grade systems, aluminum vertical posts and auto closing gates. These supporting structures are available in attractive colors and many companies are offering wide range of possibilities matching your landscapes.

These invisible fences whether made of toughened glass or transparent mesh fabric adds grace and beauty to the surroundings while providing un-interrupted view. The designs integrate so well with the backgrounds that the focus remains on the pool and its surroundings rather than the fence.

The fencing solutions are available both as ready-made or can be built on- site suiting your own design parameters.

One such latest design which has gained popularity nowadays is a frameless glass pool fence. These are the no-obstructive frames which hold the glass panels ½ inch thick and are supported by stainless steel clamps. The high strength clamps are drilled deep inside the ground and are mounted at the base.

The following are some of the technical features that will help you in finalizing invisible fence.

  • For a 100% un-obstructive view, go for frame-less glass panels. Since no elaborate supporting poles are used, you get a clear view of the pool.
  • The transparency of fence allows natural light to fall on the pool while keeping the air and dirt away from pool.
  • As compared to wooden or concrete fencing, the invisible fencing is contemporary, modern and stylish in looks and is considered a better alternative today.
  • Certain pool safety standards are defined and these invisible fencing solutions do meet these standards and in case there is some non-compliance to the safety norms, it can be customized in fencing solutions.

IMPORTANT: Avoid collisions on the edges of glass fences as the impact may prove to be a fatal one.

Benefits To Property Owners

These sophisticated and stylish invisible fences are not only for good for pool safety, which blends into surrounding environment naturally, there are other benefits which are mentioned here.

  • The invisible fence eliminates any chances of drowning by allowing you to take quick action on observing something fishy. Invisible pools are thus instrumental in preventing any accidents in and around pool area.
  • The transparent pools enhances the overall appeal of pool area.
  • Since the fencing prevents dirt falling into the pool, the routine cleaning is not required frequently.
  • The elegant fencing increases the cost of your property.
  • The opaque fencing made of aluminum or iron often gets affected from rust or corrosion whereas contemporary invisible fencing is long lasting.
  • Some companies provide modular fencing solutions with its step-by-step instruction manual. It can be followed for DIY installation.
  • With invisible fencing, unwanted invasion is curtailed to a great extent and protection of your pool enhances manifolds.

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Talking about invisible pools, these are the latest in pool design with immense benefits of visibility, safety and beautification of pool area, makes it a popular choice over other kinds of fencing possibilities.

The cost of invisible fence depends upon the customization done as per specifications by the customer. The pools have been hidden and now the fences too are vanishing. With latest innovations in technology, one can expect more such invisible solutions in the coming days.

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