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Just a few years back indoor pools were considered a luxury affordable only by the rich and famous. But the scenario and opinion about these space utilizing pools have changed tremendously. Thanks to the innovation in providing affordable versions of these high-end home comforts, that the so called middle class families can also afford to fulfill their dream of owning hidden swimming pools.

The way the indoor pools have reached a wide range of homes, they are no longer seen as something that is out of reach. They are right here with great features in their fabulous appearances and saving home space at the same time providing you a best way to great home and a source of relaxation and enjoyment.

No doubt this new kind of pool will cost you more than an outdoor pool and you have to seek official permission as well as advice for its construction, but the advantages you will have are immense. You will be able to relax in a hygienic pool any time you wish in any weather, with your family. It will surely give you the best ROI considering the health benefits you will have.

Factors Affecting Indoor Pool Cost

If you compare the cost of constructing an Indoor swimming pool then definitely it is much higher than an outdoor pool.

To make you understand the exact factor that adds up to hidden pool cost are:


The pool liners and other construction materials used for an outdoor pool can be used in constructing an indoor pool. You can control the cost by using a decking not as strong as the outdoor pool since the indoor pool is safe from varying weather conditions of an open garden.

You also don’t need to install any safety fencing as well. If you have limited space in your home, then making the space for an indoor pool will be a great challenge. But if you are constructing a new house, then you can plan beforehand. In the existing home, creating a complete space for indoor pool is the most difficult and costly part of this project.

Water Heater

The indoor pools do not get direct sunlight, so heating the water becomes almost necessary. If you ignore this you will find a little use of such an expensive investment as water may be too cool to relax you. You have a better and economical way by using the solar panels to implement the needed heating system. The solar water heaters are the best bet to keep the pool water at the warmth you will enjoy.

Dehumidifying System

A big problem that comes with indoor pools is the humidity. To make a humidity free enclosure for an indoor pool you may have to spend anything between $1,500 and $2,000 on a very basic dehumidifier model.


Since the indoor swimming pool is indoors, the enclosed space needs an effective and efficient ventilation system unlike ventilation system if other sections of your home. If you ignore this necessity, it may lead to the humidity affecting your home completely including the interiors and the quality of air at your home. If you want to cut down on this feature then a better option is to have an automatic pool cover to cover the pool while it is not being used.

Safety Measures

A very convenient safety measure to prevent any accidents in homes with kids, will be buy locking the doors locked. But you can double ensure safety with some door alarms as well as by providing automatic or manual covering of the pool. Of course it will be an additional cost.

Indoor Pool Lighting

Days are really fun when you plan your indoor pool with a number of roof and wall windows as well as sliding doors to allow natural light fill the space with brightness.

But if you have only night time to enjoy in the pool due to your work engagements, providing lighting will pose additional expense. If you have plan to get only the basic lighting system the it will still be fine, but if you want to have attractive illumination underwater too, then you must be ready to handle an escalating budget.

Overhead lights must be avoiding since changing such bulbs will be very risky. But is you want to create a certain mood in this special area of your home get the subtle illumination that helps in creating an enjoyable ambience,

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Having an indoor pool is a sign of classic taste and an urge to enjoy the life in completeness. If you consider you happiness above everything, then reach out to your architectural adviser right now and plan for a suitable indoor pool to fit your lifestyle. It’s in your hands to select the style, construction material and safety measure to get a perfect, hygienic and indoor pool, so that the expenses limit to the constraints you have defined for your indoor pool budget.

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