A New Invention: Hidden Water Pools


Hidden Water Pools

what is hidden water pools and how it works

You have always longed for a swimming pool at your house but the space in lawn is limited but the danger of your kids going to pool unattended often discourages you to have a pool at home. The fast growing futuristic technology today, has answer to fulfill such desires you have cherished for years.

Yes, a new trend of hidden swimming pools is quite a rage today. If you have a lawn in hour home then it can be converted to swimming pool but that too without eating the lawn space. Courtesy: A new invention called hidden water pools.

Hidden pools work like conventional pools but you have the option of converting them into normal floors with a simple button click making them just invisible. The floor of swimming pool is movable and it can move down a few inches or a few feet as per design of your hidden pool.

The up and down movement of top panel of pool is controlled with a help of mechanism similar to that of a hydraulic lift. Several companies are now engaged in design and implementation of these hidden swimming pools, which can be customized as per the space available or your specific requirements.

Un-hidden benefits of hidden water pools

Hidden water pools have gained much popularity recently and the reason behind its rapidly growing market is its countless advantages. Some of the benefits associated with hidden pools are:


Having a pool is considered stylish and is a symbol of luxury in today’s modern world. But not many people could afford and enjoy this luxury until the invention of convertible or hidden pools.

Even a limited space can be utilized to set up a stylish and spacious swimming pool. Conventional swimming pools look outdated if compared with these tech-savvy modern (hidden) pools.

Throwing a lawn party in your home and once the party begins, showing off the hidden pool to everyone’s surprise will surely impress your friends. It will send a style statement to them, which only you can think of and will make them green with envy!


With conventional pools in home, parents are always worried about their kid’s safety while they play near the pool. There will always be a fear of their drowning or falling into an unfilled pool which may prove fatal.

You have to create a fence all around the pool to protect your kids from such accidents. But what if you could cover the pool with push of a button before letting the kids out? This is where creating hidden pool looks really worthwhile. You can now have a pool at home and yet be assured of your child’s safety.

Adjustable height

Have you ever dreamed of owning a little bar in a shallow water-pool and savor your favorite wine with your closest buddies or even someone special? If yes, you can now make your dream come true.

Just get a smart and functional height adjustable hidden pool to get any desired depth level. You have an option of enjoying the beautiful sunshine in a bright sunny day with your feet in pool water or you may convert it into a deep pool for a refreshing swimming workout.

Maintenance free pools

Cleaning the swimming pools can be been a nerve wrecking procedure which one needs to follow strictly on regular basis. Conventional pools are always open and are more prone to dust, insects and other titbits.

In such situations, pool have to be drained out, cleaned and again a refilled which is quite cumbersome and time consuming. But you can avoid all these hassles with hidden pools. Why? The answer lies in the construction and functioning of the hidden pool. When not in use it will be protectively covered and minimizing the chances of attracting any kind of dirt or garbage into the clean water.

Hidden pools are also termed as fresh water pools since there is no need to add chemicals in it. And when you need to clean it on routine basis, the procedure is very simply performed with a remote control.

How much hidden pools will cost you?

Do hidden pools have hidden costs? You have to be careful and should know the details of every cost very minutely while buying hidden pools. The price tag sometimes may not be the final price and you may have to pay additional money as installation charges or maintenance costs.

The initial cost of hidden pools is somewhat higher than conventional pools considering the hydraulic lift technology and other electronics involved in the system.

But you can surely put a limit on its expenses while getting it customized according to your needs.

The estimated costs of hidden pools range between $20,000 and $60,000, but if you take care, you can cut down the cost by following these steps.

Add-on features

With a budget in mind, you can choose a starter edition of hidden pool with only basic features.Premium models may have additional options of water heating, fountains or luxurious flooring.

The cost can be reduced by cutting down on these appealing options, if you can control your desire.


Larger the pool area, more will be the cost you have to pay. You must consider the size requirements of your pool. If you have a small family you can still enjoy in a small pool, but if you have a big family or frequently throw pool parties for that matter, you may require a large pool.

Remember cost reduction is in your hands so better think and rethink before you finalize the square feets of your pool.


The seller may cut down his profit margins if you have a good negotiating skill and are quite insistent in your demand.

You must ask for discounts and never show your excitement while negotiating, otherwise the sales person may think twice before quoting his price and may not offer any discounts.

How to buy the best water pools

While buying these invisible pools, you have to consider 3 important aspects.

  • Price
  • Size
  • Features


Price is one of the important factors when getting a specific hidden pool. Don’t rely on one store for such a huge and important purchase. Invite quotations from as many sellers as possible both from physical and online dealers.

You must prepare a comparison sheet of different vendors and after short-listing the lowest bidder, make sure there are no hidden costs attached with his offer price.


You should have a pre-determined shape and size to suit your needs and the availability of space. Various shapes and designs of hidden pools are available to choose from. Two most common shapes are:

  • Circular
  • Rectangular

If you want to utilize the pool more for swimming then go for elongated or rectangular hidden pool. And if you just want it to enjoy the occasional splashes with your family or a small party-pool then it will be wise to choose a circular one which is more trendy and stylish. Circular pool definitely needs smaller space to construct.


Hidden pools are a symbol of style and for some it is a passion. They have a personal preference over the type of finish and may be very selective about the raw materials to be used in setting up a hidden pool.

There are other add-on features to choose from like heaters, pool ladders or fountains. Remember these add-on features may increase the cost manifolds.

Hidden water pool Builders

Hidden water pool plans, sizes and Designs

Hidden water pools are quite a buzz among pool-lovers. In recent times, these invisible pools have essentially revolutionized the world of water pools.

Depending upon your budget and area, pool-builders may offer you varying plans and designs.

  • If you have a small backyard and want to convert this into a water pool, then best plan is to get a round shaped hidden water pool, which can be controlled with remote control device.
  • Another plan could be to convert a floor beneath the stairs inside the home. This floor can be converted to a small rectangular hidden pool. This practical and space utilizing idea will surely impress everyone with a conversion normal floor to a spectacular water pool and vice-versa by pressing a button.
  • If you want a huge swimming pool, then the whole lawn of your home can be converted to a expansive swimming pool at the backyard among the beautiful greenery. The water pool is hidden with a horizontal slanting cover and have a top panel made with Astroturf or can deploy any other option of covering the pool. The pool is covered in when not in use and hence less exposed to dust and stray leaves form the trees. The maintenance cost is also reduced due to being covered.
  • You can opt for an indoor hidden pool which is convenient to be used in all weathers and comes with some breathtaking designs. The size requirements for such pools is more than the outdoor hidden pools. So you must decide for an internal hidden pool if only you have more space to spare in your home. You have the choice to make it as concrete or marble finish and this too can be controlled by a button. The maintenance of these kind of pools is very easy since the water drains out as you close it.
  • Another kind on hidden pool is the one that can be adjusted for depth. This is an ideal option if you have kids at home and who love to spend their vacations at home in pool. It gives them and you a sense of safety since the pool can be according to the height of youngest one in your family. So your complete family can now enjoy at one place together. You can adjust the size of the pool along with the depth. Such alterations are without use of any chemicals. Its maintenance is issue free with added advantage of being environment friendly as well.

Installing hidden water pool – Step By Step Guide

You can transform your backyard lawn into a hidden water pool and preserve the space as well! The same space can be utilized for mini family soccer or pool time!

This versatile pool technique has countless benefits associated with it but there is a lot of hard work and time needed for creating a hidden pool.

Here are the steps involved in construction of hidden pool.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8Step 9Step 10Step 11Step 12
horsham_pool_planInitial Design: First step is to create a detailed sketch on paper. A thoughtful planning about size, price and shape is very important, since it will save a good amount of time of actual construction of pool
natural-pool-galleryClean the ground area and cut any plants or grass. It will be better of you plan the shape of your pool to gel with the plants and trees in your lawn. If doing indoors, then you can skip this step.
digging cavity for swimming poolDigging the cavity is the next step. You can do this step with specialized machines or a JCB machine if the size of pool is going to be large.
building supporting walls for swimming poolNow you can start building the supporting walls. The walls can be made of any material either water resistant wood by fixing the planks of wood to walls with strong steel nails or concrete.
steel rails for swimming poolThe steel rails need to be build, which provide support for the tracks for the top cover. The rail shoes should be fixed with concrete.
frame for sliding coversBuild a frame for sliding covers. It can be of steel, wood or aluminum.
sliding coverThe sliding cover of the pool must be tested thoroughly for flexibility, smooth flow and closing properly
tar paperCover the frame with tar-paper to prevent the wood from humidity and expansion.
deck woodInstall 1.5” to 2.0” deck wood on the sliding frame.
swimmingpool_large_imgInstall the motor drive for automatic closing of the cover.
Hydrofloors-Moveable-Radiant-Flooring-Indoor-Pool-5Install the metal pool in pool-cavity.
inground_poolfinally, fill the pool with water and enjoy your leisure moments

Important: The pool installation work should be carried out by professionals only and keep the children away from construction site. These steps are just to let you understand all the steps involved so that you can properly oversee the installation process for the best hidden pool for your home.

Hidden Or In-ground Pools Vs. Above Ground Pools

Hidden Or In-ground PoolsAbove Ground Pools
One and only major difference between hidden and in-ground pool is the technique employed to cover the pool. All hidden pools are in fact in-ground. The in-ground pool can be hidden by various means. Either you can use a hydraulic lift to move the floor up or down or hide the in-ground pool with a sliding cover.

The cost difference between in-ground and hidden pools comes from the amount spent on material and machinery to hide the pool. So, hidden pools are higher in price as compared to both in-ground and above-ground pools. Although the initial cost is much higher for hidden pools but the running cost of maintaining these pools is much less as compared to in-ground or above ground pools.

These pools are often assembled above the grounds and no excavation of ground is needed in constructing these. They are also low in aesthetics and average cost of these pools is between $1000 and $5000 whereas hidden pools which are more stylish and modern looking, cost between $25000 and $65,000.


No doubt, in the changing and technically growing world, everything that existed in yesteryears is integrated with latest innovation to improvise the existing things. Such twists add to the appeal, utilization and space saving of existing utilities.

Hidden swimming pools are one of such innovations that create a luxurious environment in your stylish homes to carve out a small spaces of relaxation, without demanding much in form of space. But yes, they may not be economically priced, but the happiness and elegance you have in return, will be priceless.

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