How To Get Air Out Of Sand Filter

How To Get Air Out Of Sand Filter

I love swimming! And I will be really surprised if someone says that he doesn’t. I eagerly wait for the weekends when I could rinse away the week’s stress and strain of meeting the deadlines with a splash in my pool. My adorable five years old doll is a great company in the pool.

All was going well till last Sunday when I saw that the pool water is looking a bit cloudy. I thought the dusty winds are the culprit.

I started the sand filter and waited for the water to clear. But it was same after the two hour long process. So I decided to check the sand pump which I installed two years back. I immediately realized that the air in my sand filter is the reason.

So next few hours went away in locating the manual of sand filter and understand how to overcome this issue. I went ahead with the suggestions given, but it took me one whole day to crack the problem and get my sparkling pool back.

Of course, I couldn’t enjoy the weekend the way I expected but the next weekend was merrier than ever. I was proud of myself for DIY experience with my sand filter. I would love to share my experience with all of you.


Why does air get into the sand filter?

After this episode, I can say that the ignorance and overlooking minor issues can lead to a major problem with your sand filter. Here are some of the reasons that air will enter and stay in the filter.

  • Inappropriate Water Level is one of the most common reasons for this problem. The problem occurs when the water level is very low and the skimmer gulps air along with water. Ensure that water level is maintained above half of the skimmer opening.
  • Gap or Crack in the area around Pump lid can also be a reason for air in the sand filter pump.  You must check the pump lid and the section of the pump just below lid for any cracks or openings.  An overstretched o-ring (due to heating or overuse) can be a reason behind the air entering the filter.
  • Loose Plumbing is also counted as another common reason for the excessive air in the sand filter.
  • Cracks in Skimmer can appear as time passes. This happens when the floor or surface above the skimmer settles with time and produces some gaps that may put pressure on the skimmer and it gets cracked.

7 Steps to get air out of Sand Filter

Now that you are aware of the reasons for the entry of air into your sand filter, you are ready to handle this problem on your own. All you need is a jar of petroleum jelly and that’s it. Follow these steps

Step 1

Turn off the power supply of your sand filter. As another level of safety pull out the power plug so that you are safe from any accidental electric shock.

Step 2

Next, you have to open the air relief valve. It is located on the top of the sand filter canister and you have to rotate it anticlockwise to open it. After this, you have to open the skimmer valves. After opening the skimmer valves, open the main drain valve and leave it like that for the next step.

Step 3

Now you are ready to check the condition of the pool strainer. Unfasten the pool pump strainer box cover. For this, you have to open the two knobs present diagonally to each other. Clean the pump strainer basket properly to remove all the collected debris. The pump basket present in the strainer must not be empty. If it is empty then using a bucket or a water hose you must fill the strainer with water.

Step 4

Once you fill the strainer with water, complete the inspection of these components for any cracks or cuts. If its gasket is cracked and hugely damaged you must replace it.  But if the cracks are minor apply the petroleum jelly on the gasket, place it back on the strainer with care so that no gaps are there. Close the strainer with strainer lid and secure the knobs by applying tigtly with your hands.

Step 5

Next, you have to focus on the diverter valve. It must be set to the pool return setting or to filter setting if your sand filter has a multiport system. When you do this the water will start filling up the pool. This is an important step because if you don’t open the pool return valve, you have the chances of increasing in water pressure when the sand filter starts operating. This strain may damage the pumping system beyond repair. In that case, you have to spend your money on getting a new pump.

Step 6

You have done everything to remove air from the sand filter. Now plug in the power cord and switch on the filter. Carefully and slowly release the skimmer valve and observe the rising bubbles. As you have plugged all cracks or opening the discharging bubbles indicate that the air is removed from the filter into the pool.

Step 7

In the last stage of this process check that the air relief valve present on the top of the filter canister releases air with a sound while the water is being filled in the filter system. When the relief valve allows water to move out you have to close this valve by rotating it clockwise. Now you can start the pool heating system.

Final Words

Here I have listed down all the steps I followed to remove air from my sand filter. My experience tells me that you will also get all the needed help from this article If you want to give it a try before fetching help of a professional.

Do mention your experience in the comments box. If you have faced this problem and have solved it then I would love to learn a different solution. I would love to try this next time it happens. 

I hope that never happens again! God Bless.

Bryan Mallory

My name is Bryan Mallory and I have over 25 years of experience in swimming pool, spa maintenance and repairs. With my experience and knowledge I can return your pool back to its best and keep it in peak condition.