How To Setup A Fresh Water Pool


fresh water pool

Everyone in his lives, at some time, have dreamt of swimming under a waterfall or in fresh water lake.

With the help of technology, you can fulfill this dream right in the comfort and hygiene of your home and enjoy swimming in fresh water in the in-home pools.

The normal swimming pools are often treated with harsh chemicals for cleaning, which pose a serious threat to not only our skin, but also cause a variety of other serious ailments affecting the respiratory system or contracting eye-infections.

Chemical-free pool is the need for the people who care for their health and want to prevent their families from poor water conditions of a pool or spa. By taking some extra efforts and some routine maintenance, we can have a natural fresh water pool at home.

Steps To Maintain A Fresh Water Pool

  • Dust and dirt are the major deterrents to fresh water pool. Prepare a schedule for daily cleaning of this debris. Filter out leaves or any visible foreign material from the pool with the help of a net, otherwise it can lead to algae growth or cloudy water.
  • It is easier to clean the upper layer of swimming pool, but most of the sediments and contaminants remain at the bottom of the pool, un-noticed. Clean the underwater surface, behind the stairs and other nooks and corners of pool with brush, on frequent basis.
  • Another way of keeping the water fresh is to regularly circulate the water. If fresh water continuously it will ensure the overall cleanliness of your pool. The ground water drainage system is a good option to get rid of contaminants.
  • Have you ever seen moss/mosquitoes floating in ponds? The moss is a natural-cleanser for water and the same concept can be utilized in your swimming pools. Sphagnum moss is easily available and can be used in pools to have a clean pool and the fresh feeling of pond water.
  • The bacterial growth can be inhibited by electric shock treatment. The electric cleaning system creates ions like copper, iron and silver in water, which changes the composition of water and restricts any bacterial breeding.
  • A new way has been invented to eliminate the algae, in the form of ultrasonic waves. These ultrasonic waves which cannot be heard by humans are quite effective in destroying algae of any nature without creating any negative effect on water conditions.
  • There are other ready-made chemical free sanitizing systems available in the market. Installed by professionals, these are gaining popularity due to its effectiveness in creating environment friendly pools.

Reasons To Avoid Salt Water Pools

Salt water in swimming pools is not only hazardous to your health, but also damages the pool surface and landscape.

  • Salt water in the pool can damage the plants and lawns, when gets in contact.
  • The filtration systems or other drainage equipment installed in the pool, gets deteriorated early with harmful salty water.
  • Maintaining a chemical-pool is a costly affair. The chemicals used and the cost involved in replacing damaged equipment is a burden to pocket.
  • Swimming costumes also get affected by the chemicals used in water.

Benefits Of Having Fresh Water Pool

There are many environmental and health benefits of fresh water pools. The environment friendly pools are very easy to maintain.

The expenses to upkeep and maintain pools involves electricity charges, chemicals used and the cost of replacing the equipment affected by chemicals.

Since fresh water pools are chemical-free, the overall life of equipment, glass fencing, internal walls, stairs and even surroundings is enhanced, protecting them from discoloring and rust.

People who are suffering from asthma or eczema, often have to suppress their desire of swimming.

But with the possibility of having fresh water pools at home, they can also enjoy this leisure without any worry about their skin condition. Another benefit is that the recycled water can be used in the lawn and garden for watering plants.


Fresh water pools are the chlorine free pools, are the choice of millions of people now. It is regarded as a healthier alternative to chemically treated pools.

Rather than thinking of how to buy fresh water pools, you can convert your chlorine water pool to fresh water pool by following certain steps.There are certain steps which are to be followed to manage clean and fresh water.

Once you are successful in creating a fresh water pool, it will help you to reduce your operational and maintenance costs along with un-matched health and environmental benefits.

Bryan Mallory

My name is Bryan Mallory and I have over 25 years of experience in swimming pool, spa maintenance and repairs. With my experience and knowledge I can return your pool back to its best and keep it in peak condition.