How To Fill A Saltwater Pool For The First Time?

How To Fill A Saltwater Pool For The First Time?

Choices make our lives that much more interesting. The presence of variations prevents monotony and allows us to explore other horizons. So, why is a guy who blabbers about technical aspects, suddenly talking in a philosophical tone? Well, folks! You will be happy to know that technological advancements have made several swimming pool options possible.

No, I am not talking about the design, pattern, or the heating technique of the pools. Designs and layout do play an important role in enhancing the aesthetics. But when it comes to the water quality, you can pick among two options. You can either have a freshwater swimming pool or opt for a saltwater pool.


Benefits of the saltwater pool

Many people ask me whether it is good to have a saltwater pool. Well! Both fresh and saltwater pools have their pros and cons. Let me clear the air first. Taking a dip in a brackish swimming pool is nothing like swimming in the ocean. The two water types are as different as chalk and cheese.

 Fresh and saline pools require a different set of chemicals for adjusting the water quality. The saltwater pools are somewhat good for skin and offer relief to people suffering from joint pains. I often find myself taking a swim in William’s saltwater pool. He is not a royalty but desires to be treated like one. No one cares about his wishes, not even his pet dog.

But I must admit that his lavish infinity pool turns me green with envy. He knows it and enjoys it as well. I get more relaxation in his saltwater pool than in my freshwater pool. William lives in his ancestral mansion and drains the entire pool out after every six to seven years. Fortunately for me, this year is the seventh year. You must have guessed by now that I have acquired the experience of filling a saltwater pool for the first time.

Necessary things and the process

Whether it is filling the pool for the first time, or refilling the pool, you will need the same tools to accomplish the task successfully. The procedure is also same. Thanks to William, I will no longer have issues in filling any pool for the first time. I reached his home early to observe the task from the beginning.​

To fill a brine pool, you need the following things:

  • Alkalinity alteration kit
  • Hard water test strips
  • pH measuring strips
  • Clarifier
  • Sequestering agent

Step 1 – Testing The Quality Of Salt Water

I was sure that a rich guy like William would not draw water from the nearby fire hydrant. A huge tanker arrives in front of this mansion, and few experts attached the hose with the tanker and poured the salt water in the pool.

 As he had hired tanker service providers, there was no need to check the quality of water. But it is better to be sure about the overall chemical content of water. According to this chemical concentration, you will have to add other chemicals to adjust the pH of pool water.

I made use of the alkalinity test kit to measure the concentration of respective chemicals.

Step 2 – Aiming For The Perfect Water Balance

Too acidic or too basic water will harm your skin equally. If the level of other non-chloride compounds is not monitored, then the water will become too harsh. It will irritate your eyes and mucous membrane.

So, I pulled out my pH kit and tested a batch of the water sample. When the pool was half filled, I helped William to add anti-stain chemicals in the water. You can pick any brand as per your wish but is better to opt for the reputed companies.

Step 3 – Addition Of The Clarifier

When working with a briny water pool, adding the proper amount of clarifier is a must. Skipping this step can be fatal. When the pool was almost full, I added the clarifier into the water.

The chemical takes some time to react with the other substances present in the water. It not only makes the water less hard but also assists the pool filter to strain out unwanted debris better.

Step 4 – Adding Salt To The Water

A saltwater pool will not be complete if you do not put some salt in it. We are not talking about table salt. You will find special salt bags in the pool maintenance stores. These are compositions, specially prepared for swimming pools.

Now, you cannot drop in as many bags as you want. It is here that the importance of an expert comes to the forefront. In William’s case, I was the expert. The amount of salt that needs to go in depends on the water carrying capacity of the pool.

Once we added the salt, it was time for non-chlorine shock chemicals. I added one pound of it for every 10,000 gallons.

Step 5 – Circulating The Chemicals And Salt

Once I poured all necessary materials in the pool, it was time to switch on the pool pump. I had very high hopes on William as he had seen a pool since his childhood.

I figured that he did not know much about pool maintenance when he asked about the purpose of turning on the pool pump filter. Come on, dude!! Even my baby girl knows that running the water through the filter allows the chemicals to mix well.

When that was done, I wrapped up for the night. I only returned to check the pool water once 24 hours were over.

Step 6 – Adjusting Minor Imperfections

While doing the final water test, I found that the pH was a little high. I was aiming to achieve anything between 7.2 to 7.8. So, I had to add some pH reducing chemicals and rechecked the water till it attained a perfect balance.

 As he had a chlorinator, I set the dial amid 1 and 3 ppm level. It will produce adequate amounts of the necessary element to maintaining optimum water quality. Before I left, I told William to keep an eye on the chlorinator.

He was happy that his pool was ready for the summer, and I cannot wait to take a dip in this deluxe pool again.


You may not have the budget to get an infinity pool, but you can easily empty your freshwater pool, and transform it into a briny water pool. Proper upkeep will extend its longevity. For this, you need to ensure that the pool pump filter is working at its best capacity. Do clean the filter cartridges at regular intervals.

Bryan Mallory

My name is Bryan Mallory and I have over 25 years of experience in swimming pool, spa maintenance and repairs. With my experience and knowledge I can return your pool back to its best and keep it in peak condition.