How Much Does a Pool Cost Per Month In Electricity?

Hey guys! Welcome back to yet another informative pool session with me, your friendly neighborhood pool pump expert.

Thanks to my friends, I have acquired enough knowledge about pools and related topics.
I must admit that some of the tasks were challenging. Many times, I was unsure whether I would succeed or not. 

But the support of my friend and family kept me going. My wife used to complain about my new found passion.

But now she understands that I love her as much as I like taking on pool related projects. So, she is ok with the entire arrangement, as long as I take her out on alternate Sundays.

I thought I was only popular among my friends. I had no idea that the news has spread like wildfire even in my office.

A few weeks ago, my boss summoned me to his cabin. I don’t really get called into the boss’s chamber that often.

So, I was rather rattled. When I knocked, he asked me to come in, and I took a seat. In the beginning, he asked a few questions about my assignments.

The more he asked, the more I got scared. Last time he took so much interest in my colleague’s projects, the boss ended up firing him. After few agonizing minutes, he finally came to the real topic.

“So, how is your part-time job taking shape?” he asked. I did not know how to respond, and kept staring at his face.

Finally, he took pity on me, and started laughing. “I am talking about your pool pump repair works. I hear you are rather good at it.”

Thank god! I was not getting fired. At least not today! After a bit of light chit-chat, he brought up a topic that I have been in love with.

Yes! You guessed it right. He asked me about swimming pool and pool pumps. I may not be able to impress him with my task, but I will definitely earn some accolades in this case.


Electric cost of running a pool

My boss has purchased a new home. It is a luxurious mansion, and comes with two separate pools.

Rich people have their own standards to maintain I guess! Anyways, one is a normal pool, but the other one has an in-ground hot tub.

He still had not used the pools as they needed some repair. He knows that maintaining a pool is no mean task. 

It is rather expensive as the pool pumps and filter work on electricity. So, he wanted to ask me about the electricity bill that he will have to pay in future.

Over the months, I have done a lot of research on pool-related matters. So, I can tell that the electricity bill will depend on several factors.

Apart from your location, you need to consider the charges of your power company. If you have a pool that holds 10,000 to 20,000 gallons of water, then running the filter for 6 to 8 hours will be ideal. 

For this, the power companies can charge around $35 to $40 on a monthly basis.

Electricity charges depending on the filter

In my experience, I have seen four types of pumps and filters so far. People mostly opt for two-speed variable pumps, single speed pumps, heat pumps, and in-ground hot tubs. 

As each of these pumps operates differently, you can expect a difference in electricity bill as well.

Two-speed variable pumps

Two-speed variable pumps are a popular choice among homeowners as they assist in filtering the pool water effectively.

These filters operate at two different speeds. If you want to conserve electricity, then it is best to keep the motor speed low.

In case you need to filter and prep the water fast, you need to turn up the knob. It will consume more power than usual.

Any household that has this kind of pumps needs to pay $30 to $50 extra for power.

Single speed pumps

Single speed pumps operate at a uniform speed. So, it takes more time to filter the water through and through once.

I have gathered from my experience that it is best to turn on the pool pump once each day, and let it complete one cycle.

Doing this twice regularly keeps water clean as well as hygienic. If you have installed a single speed pump, then you need to pay anything between $75 and $150 each month, for running the pool pump.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are a must for all homes with a pool. These pumps not only filter the pool water but also increase the temperature of the water.

This water heating feature requires more electricity. It comes in handy during the winters. They heat the water, and you can enjoy a swim without worrying about the icy cold water.

Limited use of these heat pumps will up the electricity bill by $50 only. If you use this feature a lot, then you are looking towards an additional electricity expenditure that will amount to $150.

If you do not have pool covers, then these heat pumps will need more time to increase the temperature of water.

In-ground hot tubs

Remember I mentioned earlier that my boss has an in-ground hot tub? Well! If he runs the machine often, then he will have to pay around $300 more for electricity bills, per month.

The in-ground pools use less energy than the in-ground hot tubs.

 All this time when I was talking about pool pump running and electricity cost, my boss didn’t say a word, except for the occasional “hmm!!” Once I finished, he stood up, and walked towards the water filter.

He poured two glasses of water, and gave one to me. Then he took a deep breath, and said “It seems I made a mistake by selecting a house with two pools.

Now I am in twice the mess.” I could tell that he was impressed with my knowledge about pool pumps.

Yes, folks! Maintaining the pool is an expensive affair. But there are several ways to reduce the electricity consumption, and the resultant bill, if you keep your eyes open. 

I try to keep the pool covered at all times during the winter to prevent the water from becoming too cold.

I have strictly instructed the kids not to use the pool in winters, so I don’t need a water heater.

That saves a lot of cash. If you know some ways to lower the cost of running a pool pump, then do share it with me.


Running a filter once or twice daily is a must for maintaining the pool water quality. The pool covers not only shield the water from dirt but also help in trapping the heat that the water releases.

If you can trap this heat, then the installation of a heat pump does not become mandatory.  

Bryan Mallory

My name is Bryan Mallory and I have over 25 years of experience in swimming pool, spa maintenance and repairs. With my experience and knowledge I can return your pool back to its best and keep it in peak condition.