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How Much Does a Pool Cost Per Month In Electricity?

Hey guys! Welcome back to yet another informative pool session with me, your friendly neighborhood pool pump expert.

Thanks to my friends, I have acquired enough knowledge about pools and related topics.
I must admit that some of the tasks were challenging. Many times, I was unsure whether I would succeed or not. 

But the support of my friend and family kept me going. My wife used to complain about my new found passion.

But now she understands that I love her as much as I like taking on pool related projects. So, she is ok with the entire arrangement, as long as I take her out on alternate Sundays.

I thought I was only popular among my friends. I had no idea that the news has spread like wildfire even in my office.

A few weeks ago, my boss summoned me to his cabin. I don’t really get called into the boss’s chamber that often.

So, I was rather rattled. When I knocked, he asked me to come in, and I took a seat. In the beginning, he asked a few questions about my assignments.

The more he asked, the more I got scared. Last time he took so much interest in my colleague’s projects, the boss ended up firing him. After few agonizing minutes, he finally came to the real topic.

“So, how is your part-time job taking shape?” he asked. I did not know how to respond, and kept staring at his face.

Finally, he took pity on me, and started laughing. “I am talking about your pool pump repair works. I hear you are rather good at it.”

Thank god! I was not getting fired. At least not today! After a bit of light chit-chat, he brought up a topic that I have been in love with.

Yes! You guessed it right. He asked me about swimming pool and pool pumps. I may not be able to impress him with my task, but I will definitely earn some accolades in this case.

Electric cost of running a pool

My boss has purchased a new home. It is a luxurious mansion, and comes with two separate pools.

Rich people have their own standards to maintain I guess! Anyways, one is a normal pool, but the other one has an in-ground hot tub.

He still had not used the pools as they needed some repair. He knows that maintaining a pool is no mean task. 

It is rather expensive as the pool pumps and filter work on electricity. So, he wanted to ask me about the electricity bill that he will have to pay in future.

Over the months, I have done a lot of research on pool-related matters. So, I can tell that the electricity bill will depend on several factors.

Apart from your location, you need to consider the charges of your power company. If you have a pool that holds 10,000 to 20,000 gallons of water, then running the filter for 6 to 8 hours will be ideal. 

For this, the power companies can charge around $35 to $40 on a monthly basis.

Electricity charges depending on the filter

In my experience, I have seen four types of pumps and filters so far. People mostly opt for two-speed variable pumps, single speed pumps, heat pumps, and in-ground hot tubs. 

As each of these pumps operates differently, you can expect a difference in electricity bill as well.

Two-speed variable pumps

Two-speed variable pumps are a popular choice among homeowners as they assist in filtering the pool water effectively.

These filters operate at two different speeds. If you want to conserve electricity, then it is best to keep the motor speed low.

In case you need to filter and prep the water fast, you need to turn up the knob. It will consume more power than usual.

Any household that has this kind of pumps needs to pay $30 to $50 extra for power.

Single speed pumps

Single speed pumps operate at a uniform speed. So, it takes more time to filter the water through and through once.

I have gathered from my experience that it is best to turn on the pool pump once each day, and let it complete one cycle.

Doing this twice regularly keeps water clean as well as hygienic. If you have installed a single speed pump, then you need to pay anything between $75 and $150 each month, for running the pool pump.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are a must for all homes with a pool. These pumps not only filter the pool water but also increase the temperature of the water.

This water heating feature requires more electricity. It comes in handy during the winters. They heat the water, and you can enjoy a swim without worrying about the icy cold water.

Limited use of these heat pumps will up the electricity bill by $50 only. If you use this feature a lot, then you are looking towards an additional electricity expenditure that will amount to $150.

If you do not have pool covers, then these heat pumps will need more time to increase the temperature of water.

In-ground hot tubs

Remember I mentioned earlier that my boss has an in-ground hot tub? Well! If he runs the machine often, then he will have to pay around $300 more for electricity bills, per month.

The in-ground pools use less energy than the in-ground hot tubs.

 All this time when I was talking about pool pump running and electricity cost, my boss didn’t say a word, except for the occasional “hmm!!” Once I finished, he stood up, and walked towards the water filter.

He poured two glasses of water, and gave one to me. Then he took a deep breath, and said “It seems I made a mistake by selecting a house with two pools.

Now I am in twice the mess.” I could tell that he was impressed with my knowledge about pool pumps.

Yes, folks! Maintaining the pool is an expensive affair. But there are several ways to reduce the electricity consumption, and the resultant bill, if you keep your eyes open. 

I try to keep the pool covered at all times during the winter to prevent the water from becoming too cold.

I have strictly instructed the kids not to use the pool in winters, so I don’t need a water heater.

That saves a lot of cash. If you know some ways to lower the cost of running a pool pump, then do share it with me.


Running a filter once or twice daily is a must for maintaining the pool water quality. The pool covers not only shield the water from dirt but also help in trapping the heat that the water releases.

If you can trap this heat, then the installation of a heat pump does not become mandatory.  

How Much Do Automatic Pool Covers Cost? – Check Out Now

Automatic Pool Covers Cost

Hello friends! Your “friendly neighborhood pool man” is back again with loads of information, which will come in handy to extend the pool health. Remember we made a pool pump shed? Since then, I noticed that there had been a significant change in my wife’s behavior. She does not show any interest in the pool and its maintenance. She only enjoys the pool parties.

I guess all women leave the hard work for their men! Recently my wife has been asking me several questions about the pool, its maintenance, and how I can protect the water from dirt, leaves, and any other debris. I thought that my interest in pool maintenance has rubbed off on her. But suddenly I realized that it was not that simple.

One night I asked her whether she wanted anything or not. Then I came to know that my in-laws had installed an automatic pool cover recently. It was then that I understood the reason behind her interest in the pool. I don’t know what it is with women! If their mothers have it, then they want it as well.

I will give you another tip that will come in handy to keep peace at home. Listen to what your wife has to say. Even if you are not going to do it, just try to act a little and let her believe as if you are thinking hard about it. That way, everyone is happy.

Initiate a search for the perfect product

So, from the very next day, I started searching online for automatic pool covers. My logic was simple – even if I don’t install it immediately, the search will provide me with information that might come in handy during my next project. So, there I was, trading articles, and checking online shopping sites, which keep a good collection of automatic pool covers.

Types of pool covers

I did not have any idea about the automatic pool covers. As a matter of fact, I did not know that anything like that exists. Then I tried to recollect whether I had seen anything of that sort while I was checking my in-law’s pool motor. I could not remember seeing anything like that. A sheet that can cover the entire pool must be of considerable size. It was during my search online that I realized that there are several kinds of pool covers.

The cost of the product will vary depending on the material of the cover, its dimensions, complexity of installation and automation. The automatic pool covers can be folded without much fuss with by flipping a switch. When you need to put on the cover switch the machine on, and see how the sheets unroll and shield the pool from anything that spoils the water and makes it unusable.

Trust me! You will not have to move a muscle.

Cost of the automatic pool cover

Though there are several kinds of automated pool covers available in the market, I must warn you beforehand that you need to start saving from today, if you desire to shield your pool with these modern covers. As for me, I am in no mood to shell out $ 20,000 just to make my wife happy. But i have selected my personal favorite pool covers. Please check the above table.

Yes! You heard me right. The average expenditure that any person will have to tolerate will range between $10,000 and $20,000. The cost of covering the pool with these automated sheets will depend directly on the size and shape of your pool. In case you have a small regular pool, you will have to spend comparatively less.

If the pool is large, then you will need more material to cover it. Some people have custom designed pools. Showing off your circular or oval pool is fun. But having a custom-made pool cover is no fun at all. It will need you to loosen your purse strings.

Cost Of Related Accessories

In general, the pool covers start from as low as $ 1000. But they are basic ones, which require manual labor to set up and fold up. Many pool cover companies will try to reel you in with false promises. But if you trust me, I will suggest that you prepare for a significant investment. It is not only the pool cover that you will have to purchase.

There are many accessories, which are a must, in case you install an automatic pool cover. I checked that a spool of motorized pool cover reels come with a price tag of $1000 or maybe more. For added protection, experts will ask you to pot for safety covers as well. These will come at an additional cost of $ 1500 to $ 2500.

Installation And Labor Cost

You don’t need to possess the expertise to install an automatic pool cover. If I were to install one right now, I would also be sitting with the handbook in my hands and a dazed look on my face. All my research has given me more than enough reasons to believe that it is not my cup of tea. At least, I will require some assistance to finish this teacup. To install the pool covers, you will require the assistance of experienced mechanics. Apart from them, you will have to hire construction workers, who will dig a trench, where the automatic cover reel will sit. So, you will have to spend additional $400 to $600 for these services.

All these reasons, plus the high costs have strengthened my resolve against the installation of the automated pool cover. Now comes the hardest part. I will have to convince my wife to let go of this wish. And oh boy is she a tough nut to crack. If you have any bright ideas, which can save your friendly neighborhood pool man’s life, do send them in as soon as possible.

How To Perform Pool Deck Repair?

Pool Deck Repair

Are you apprehensive that everybody has already entered your pool? Are you uneasy because you are scared that everybody will notice that worn out, cracked and ugly stained pool deck of yours? As long as the concrete is structurally strong, you will have numerous options to repair your pool deck and save your pool from being an eyesore.

Based on the factors like strength and condition of the concrete, your budget and time limit, a pool deck repair work ranges from a simple color augmentation with a single or multiple coats to total resurfacing that includes comprehensive embellished overlay.

You need to first inspect what caused the damage before you start implementing repair work so that you can directly work on the root cause. This way, you can choose and plan the best repair procedure from the many available options.

Generally, repair works include filling the cracks, rework on slope structure so that water doesn’t settle in unnecessary places, include water diverting structure to allow standing water to runoff, relevel the whole surface, hide the stains with a coat of attractive color and decorate complete overlay.

When should you repair pool deck?

Pool decks plays a very important role in attracting swimmers. The more decorative it is, the more pleasant would it be to the swimmer’s eyesight. It is all a mind game and the outlook itself gives a relaxation to the swimmer’s mind. Even if you maintain chemical balance in your pool, keep it away from flies, and see to it that the pool is very hygienic, you will still need to work on pool deck, as it is like a gateway for many swimmers to enter inside.

The more decorative it is, the more it appeals a swimmer’s mind. If your pool is designed to categorize the type of swimmers like men, women, children, infants etc. then you can make use of different resurfacing patterns in each section while finishing with a undeviating border throughout the pool deck to maintain uniformity.

You can make use of children friendly designs and use suitable colors, stamps, prints, stains and other decorations to appeal their eye. Similarly, you can do the same for other category of swimmers. This way, you will not only repair your pool deck, but will also invite a whole family who love to spend their free time in swimming.

Minimum requirement to perform repair

The repairs for pool deck are performed mainly to hide existing flaws while accounting for better look and feel of the overall pool appearance. These repairs involve acid based staining, engraving, cutting according to design pattern, adding stamps etc. All these actions require you to work on the concrete overlay. Hence, it is very important that the pool deck is strong enough to bear the strain of the repairs. If it is not strong, then it will be highly impossible to perform repairs like cutting, engraving or stamp impression as the concrete may lose its structure.

Different methods to renovate your pool deck

Now that you know the requirements to perform repairs for your pool deck and that you are aware of when to perform repairs, let us now discuss about various methods of performing them. If you think about resurfacing complete overlay of your pool deck, then you need to maintain concrete thickness at least to 1 ½ inches and perform other repairs like engraving, recoloring and micro topping.

Resurface complete overlay

Out of the many repair options available, resurfacing is one of the best choices that help to effectively cover up existing flaws of your pool deck. As a part of the solution, you will need to resurface the complete overlay with either concrete or micro topping. This helps you to achieve complete innovational look of the pool.

You can add color, texture and pattern. Pool professionals offer you services designed specifically to not only give a different look, but also to enhance slip resistance of the surface and reflect heat.

How to do it?

There is no hard rule that you should follow a specific method. Since it depends on how imaginative you are while successfully being able to choose economical method, it all depends on your creativity skills.

Let’s discuss about some resurfacing ideas:

  1. You can get the complete concrete overlay stamped with a fieldstone pattern.
  2. You can add flower or crisscross type of concrete engraving to conceal the existing cracks.
  3. You can make a decorative medallion.
  4. You can mix multiple stamp patterns to create a unique pattern.
  5. Select a simple pattern but enhance its look by adding apt colors and textures.
  6. Perform a micro topping with a pattern stain work, highlighted with a different pattern on deck borders.

Engrave concrete

If your concrete is full of cracks and stains, you can cover it with engraving type of repair work. Engraving comes in different patterns and gives your pool a highly innovative touch, while effectively covering existing minor flaws like cracks and stains.

If you want to engrave your concrete, choose a pattern that helps to conceal the existing flaws in your pool deck. Pool experts will inspect the complete pool to analyze the flaws and then guide you to choose the best suitable pattern.

How to do it?

  1. Select appropriate engrave pattern that contributes to hiding existing flaws while adding to highlighting a better look.
  2. Stain the complete concrete deck with the selected pattern.
  3. Use appropriate routing machine designed specifically to engrave designs on concrete.
  4. With the machine, cut the stained pattern into the surface, creating faux grout lines.

Recolor concrete

Did you know that recoloring will not only give you great look, but will also act as a wear resistant for your pool deck? It hides concrete stains when used with integral pigments.

Different coloring methods when used with color hardeners will help you repair heavily stained and worn concrete deck. However, prolonged use without much maintenance will result in discoloration of the pool deck.

A number of factors contribute to pool deck staining like:

  1. Pool water chemicals
  2. Sun exposure
  3. Weathering
  4. Improper way of recoloring

How to preserve pool deck color for long period?

  1. Apply new coat of an acid-based or water-based stain.
  2. Prefer using UV resistant staining product.
  3. Use a good sealer to protect the concrete

Micro topping

If your pool deck is suffering with full of cracks, another option to repair is by micro topping. This method helps your pool deck to achieve better decoration and pattern scores. It all depends on the personal creativity of yours and your professional guide.

In this method, you will create a fresh surface to stain. It is an economical way to conceal flaws on the pool deck while making it decorative and eye appealing at the same time. In this method, you can use a texture that suits your requirement.

If you want a smooth finish, then you will need to apply two base coats manually and then trowel a third thin coat to achieve feathery smooth surface. Then you will stain the surface and finish with a urethane.

For a different finish, micro topping material should be sprayed and this creates a uniform rippled texture.

You can stain the finish to create a spotted look.

How to do it?

  1. First, you should work on cracks by stitching and filling them with mortar.
  2. Then, install swale to perform corrections in drainage problem.
  3. Then perform micro topping repair on your pool deck with the best staining pattern.
  4. Use appropriate texture to enhance the pattern.
  5. You can decorate your pool deck border with brick patterns and stencil designs.

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A well maintained and refurbished pool deck appeals swimmers and give them better relaxation. Make use of comfortable patterns and stains that contribute to better relaxation. At the same time, be more creative while being economical. Try to choose a pattern that hides present flaws in your pool deck.

Resurfacing the complete deck overlay can include mixture of various types of pool deck repairs. You can use either one of the available repair methods or mix and match them to give you an outstanding and unique look. Most commonly used repair methods are concrete engraving, recoloring and micro topping. You can perform a unique design with these repairs by adding decorative prints, borders, colors, textures, stamps and patterns.

How to Perform Above Ground Pool Repair?

Above Ground Pool Repair

We all know that it’s the pool walls that hold water. If you maintain your pool to be at a decent quality, then it can last between 20 to 30 years. After this period, the top rails start rusting. Sometimes, the uprights and pieces of bottom track will also start to rust. The pool walls that hold the pool waters get corroded. Because of this, the pool looks no more lively and will not please the swimmers.

Usually, it is when you change the liner that you will observe the rusty pool. This is because, when you change the liner, you will need to first drain the pool. And then, you will need to remove the liner. As soon as you remove it, the empty pool exposes the rusty and unpleasing walls. When you look at the rusty condition, you will surely ask yourself if this is normal or is it something that seriously needs to be fixed. Hence, you would want to get the pool into normal condition.

If you are really wanting to fix such issues, then this is the right place to guide you. Here, we will guide you how and when to perform advanced above ground pool repair.

How to confirm it needs repair?

Before you conclude that your pool needs a repair, you should first confirm if the discovered rust is just resting on the inside surface of pool walls or is it something more.

If it is just a surface rust, then it is not an issue that you should worry about. You can manage it with a sandpaper by sanding the rusty areas to turn into smooth surface and then following it up by Rust-Oleum. Then, your pool walls are good to go.

However, if you have found it to be more than just a surface rust, then it is something you need to be serious about. In certain cases, the rust gets so deep that it starts falling off in layers which means that the corrosion has gone quite deep. If this is the case, then you should doubt the strength of the pool walls. It is the pool walls that hold thousands of gallons of water and if they start getting weak, then they may lose strength then the wall may collapse.

To know how deep the walls are rusted, poke them with a screw driver and scrape off the rust. If you find that the screwdriver has just removed the rust, then it means that the wall still has strength. So, you still have chances to repair the wall. On the other hand, if the screwdriver pokes completely through the wall, then it means that the walls have lost their strength.

Test if holes are bad

After you have poked the rusted walls with screwdriver and discovered few spots, you should now check whether they are located high up or closer to the pool’s wall. If they are far away from the wall then, you can cut a small square of some kind of metal sheet or a roofing tin and place it over the hole there by, securing it with a duct tape.

On the other hand, if the rusted hole is too near to the wall, then the issue is serious and probably requires more than a simple patch job. Such deeper holes should be deeply concerned because the water creates more outward pressure, blowing out almost near to the top. Hence, a simple patch job will not hold the taped metal sheet, thus blowing it out to the top. If it holds, then you can manage it for some more time till the situation worsens.

When does the situation worsen?

When can you say that the situation has worsened? Let’s suppose that there is a lot of rust at the bottom of your pool wall. So much, that the walls are full of deep rusted holes and you really doubt the strength of the walls.

Then, you will be left out with only 3 options:

1. Tape metal sheets

This method is for those who have already purchased a replacement liner and have no money for a new pool. This option does not guarantee any success and you have to just hope that all goes well.

Even if it is successful, you cannot guarantee that the solution will be long term. Any time in the short period ahead, the problem might reoccur.

If the patch repair has gone unsuccessful, you will be out of the cost of the new liner and may lose all the water along with the chemicals.

  1. Drain the pool.
  2. Remove the existing liner.
  3. Take a screwdriver and poke it all over the walls to find for holes.
  4. Cut small metal sheets to desired patches based on the holes sizes.
  5. Place the metal sheet pieces over the holes to cover them and secure them with a tape.

2. Get a new wall

The next option is for those who do not want to take a chance of getting into losses. The idea is to build a whole new wall altogether.

For above ground pools, replacing a wall is not an easy task as the pool manufacturers do not show interest in offering models that are more than two years old. Every year, they come up with latest trendy models and the old models begin to shade off from the market.

However, we never know that if you get lucky enough, you might get the replacement wall that perfectly matches your pool. In such cases, you must be prepared to pay the expensive prices as you will be left with no other choice.

3. Repair the wall

The third option is very rare and highly expensive. It is to repair the wall. This procedure is too costly because, there is a lot of work involved in it. You will need to remove the rust that is very deep, until the walls look good. You will need to remove all that the walls hold. This kind of repair is rarely done as very few people know how to do it.

Guaranteed repair method

The only way to guarantee the success of a rusty wall repair is to strengthen the impaired wall’s integrity from the top to the bottom, and just not in the local bad rusty spots.

  1. Drain the pool
  2. Remove the liner
  3. Replace entire damaged above ground pool wall. This is not an easy task as you need to find for an entire piece in the market. Ensure that the wall piece is at least 4 inches long or more so that it covers all the bad areas of your pool wall.
  4. Bolt the new piece of wall to stay against your existing wall. Buy about 30 stainless flat head steel bolts and nuts, and four pieces of metal steel channel.
  5. Now, place the new wall that you bought from the pool makers and place it against the inside of existing wall. See that you position it to cover all the bad areas and fit properly against the existing wall from the top to the bottom.
  6. Line up the metal channels at the edge of the new wall piece and drill holes so that you can mount it.
  7. Bolt the channels with the nuts and bolts, through the drilled holes so that the new wall stays together above the existing wall. Ensure that you bolt it tight.
  8. Make use of a duct tape to clasp the bolts on the inside from the top to bottom, just like how you did with the pool’s existing wall bolts.
  9. As a final step, replace the coves at the bottom.

This is not an easy repair, but will be undoubtedly successful and will give you long term security. This method will not only give you guaranteed results but is also economical.


An above ground pool repair is neither easy, not much economical. If the situation is just a surface rust, then you can manage it by sanding off the rust and thereby patching up the local holes that are not too deep. However, if the rust is so deep that you cannot handle, you will be left with no much options.

The repair works for damaged above ground pools are rarely done for rusted walls and in most cases, you will need to replace the wall piece, which is again a difficult task. If you get the perfect wall piece that matches the size of existing rusted wall, then you will need to position it against the existing damaged wall such that it covers all the damages and then bold it with flat bolts and nuts.

How To Perform A Pool Cover Repair?

Pool Cover Repair

Does your swimming pool make use of a pool cover? Just like any other pool device gets into repair, so is the case with pool covers. Be it an in-ground pool cover or solar pool cover, you need to maintain them for longevity.

You cannot avoid the fact that the pool cover exposes to sun and pool chemicals continuously. Also, you need to apply physical force on the cover while covering and uncovering it over the pool. Hence, pool covers do get into repairs but the good news is that pool cover repair is economical to repair at home.

Vinyl pool covers, also referred to as solar pool covers are one of the best and durable models that help you to prevent heat and chemicals to escape from your pool. They help to minimize water evaporation.

However, with time you will experience wear and tear of the cover. Due to continuous exposure to sun, the pool cover gets discoloured. If a tear or hole occurs, the repairing can be done at home with simple tools and methods.

What factors define the repair success rate?

A pool cover needs a repair when it suffers tears, holes or discoloration. Most of the damages can be repaired successfully at home, and some need professional help. If the damage is big enough to be handled by professionals too, then you will need to replace it.

Usually, the success rate of repairing pool covers depend on certain factors like:

  1. Age Of Your Pool Cover
  2. ​Type Of Repair Materials
  3. ​Size Of Damage
  4. Repair Method You Choose

Age of your pool cover

How old is your pool cover? Were you promised of any warranty when you bought it from the store? And, is it still under the warranty period? All these count for the frequency rate of repairs to your pool cover.

Usually, a pool cover lasts for 10 to 12 years or more if you maintain it regularly. If your pool cover is deteriorating due to negligence like ignoring cleanliness or due to ‘Act of God’ like natural calamities due to hot sun, heavy snowfall, falling of tree branches that causes punctures etc., the warranty doesn’t cover them.

However, if you later develop defects due to faulty manufacture or workmanship, you can contact the dealer from whom you bought the cover and claim for warranty. For this, you need to carefully preserve the purchase bill.

Type of repair materials

The type of materials you use for repairing will play a crucial role for longevity of your pool cover. You should always think about long term safety rather than fixing the issue for short term solutions.

If you are patching up a tear or puncture with a sticky tape, take care that it is water resistant. You can choose polythene tapes that match with the material of pool covers. You can also try aluminium reinforced PE tapes that stick very well while being water proof. On the other hand, cloth tapes tend to hold moisture and hence avoid them.

Always prefer using safety cover patch kit. If the damage area is up to 8 inches long, you can manage with proper water proof sticky tapes. You can also use pieces of mesh or rubber cement to patch the damage areas. Once the repair is done, always wait until it dries completely before you start using it.

For net pool covers, you can use nylon straps to stitch the tears. If the tear is too big to join the pieces and stitch them together, you can use suitable mesh whose material matches with that of your pool cover, and patch then it up on the damage area. Then, stitch it up with nylon thread.

Size of damage

Size of damage matters a lot for the longevity of your pool cover after you repair it. If it is a small rip or tear that is under 6 inch length, then the repair can be done easily. On the other hand, if the tear is too long and if there are lot of punctures, then repairing it might be an impossible task.

If your pool cover is in the hands of an experienced professional, then there may be a little chance of success rate. However, if the repair is too big to be handled even by a professional then, the only solution is to replace the pool cover.

Repair method you choose

When you repair a pool cover, take care that you perform smart work so that there are less chances for damage to reoccur. Here are some of the tips for you:

  1. Always, ensure that you clean and dry the damage area before you start repairing it.
  2. Prefer to patch on both sides (above and below) of the damage for durability.
  3. Do not fix patches as they are. Cut their corners round or oval so that there are fewer chances for wear and tear of the patches.
  4. Once you fix a patch with a sticky tape of adhesive, place a heavy weight on the patch for at least 6 to 12 hours before you fold it.
  5. Whenever you fold the pool cover in the future, take care that you do not fold it near the patch. Ensure that it is always away from the folded areas.

Types of damage and repair method

Repair a hole

You will get repair kits for pool covers in the market. These kits include a vinyl patch and a vinyl adhesive.

If you want to repair the hole in your pool cover, you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Carefully, remove the pool cover from the pool such that no more damages occur to it.
  2. Lay it on the plain ground surface.
  3. Since you have removed it from the pool, it must have been wet. So, dry the area where you want to apply the patch.
  4. Now, use the vinyl adhesive from the repair kit and apply it around the hole on your pool cover.
  5. Now, carefully press the vinyl patch over the area where you applied the adhesive.

Repair a tear

Usually, the issue of tears occur with mesh or net model pool covers. These models are prone to tears and the repairs are quite simple if you know how to sew to attach two pieces together with a thread and a needle. It needs no rocket science. All you need to do is, bring the two torn pieces together, take a needle with an industrial strength nylon thread and start sewing them to stay together.

If the tear is too big to handle, you can patch it up with a net patch. Place the patch to cover the torn area and sew it up altogether with your hand.

If the tear is too big to be handled by a patch, then you are left with no other option, but to replace the entire pool cover with a new one.

Repair Discoloration

You will have very less chances to fix the discoloration problem for pool covers.

Discoloration can mainly occur due to two reasons:

  • Exposure to sun
  • Exposure to chemical residues or mild dew

If the discoloration has occurred because of continuous exposure to sun, then you almost have nil chances to fix the problem. However, if it is due to chemical residues or mild dew, then you can follow the repair method below:

  1. Fill a plastic tub that holds at least 1 gallon water.
  2. Add 1 cup of bleach to the water.
  3. Now, lay the pool cover on a flat surface.
  4. Dip a rag in the bleach solution and rub off the mild dew and chemical residue on the cover.
  5. Allow the cover to dry before you place it back on the pool surface.

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Pool cover often tends to get into repairs due to many reasons that are not in our control. As a pool owner, you can maintain it to certain extent like cleaning the chemical residues, drying the pool covers whenever possible, seeing that you do not grow bigger trees near the pool so that you can avoid branches falling over it etc.

Things that are not in our control are the ‘Acts of God’ like continuous exposure to sun, heavy snow fall, mild dew, storm, broken trees etc. that cause discoloration, punctures, tears, etc.

Usually, when you bring a pool cover from a store, it comes with a warranty that covers only manufacture defects or stitching defects. If the repairs are due to ‘Act of God’, then the warranty doesn’t cover them. Usually, the warranty period would be around 10 to 12 years for most of the brands.

Follow proper repair tips and methods for fewer chances of pool cover repairs to reoccur in the future.

How Much Does Infinity Pool Cost?

Infinity Pool Cost

Have you ever heard of a never ending pool? If you are adventurous, you would feel absolutely exciting to spend time in such pools. You would feel as if you are spending time in a bigger water body rather than a limited sized swimming pool. It is a different experience altogether!

An infinity pool is today’s latest emerging trend in pool industry. If you are adventurous, passionate about swimming, have a big back yard and have lot of money, then infinity pool might be the right choice for you.

These pools appear as if they do not have boundary walls. On one of its end, the boundary wall is very short and it is through this wall that the pool water spills over and falls into a basin installed beneath it. This collected water is pumped back into the pool through a special pumping system.

These pools are very attractive while being expensive. The maintenance charges are also very high for these pools. If you are planning to install one, then you can visit your local pool company who can guide you about infinity pool cost, and the benefits, negatives, and risks of installing it.

Infinity pool – the latest trend!

In today’s pool industry, one of the latest emerging luxurious trends of swimming pools is an infinity pool. As the name suggests, the construction is designed in such a way that it appears as if the pool has no boundaries. These pools are also referred as ‘Vanishing Edge Pools’ or ‘Negative edge pools’.

Usually, these types of pools give you a breath-taking experience if they are installed in areas where natural water bodies are very nearby. So, when you get into such pools, you will feel as if the waters of your pool are merging with the other water body. It gives an optical illusion to the swimmers, as if the water blends into the horizon, taking them to the next level of experience.

Is it beneficial?

Personally, it is all about individual choice. If you are particular about installing an infinity pool, you can go for it. Except that it gives you a different experience because of the optical illusion and makes you feel that your pool has no boundaries, the rest of the swimming experience is always the same. Infinity pool is just a luxurious choice.

If you have installed it near a water body like a river or sea, it gives you breath-taking scenery as if your pool water is merging with the bigger water body. If you love being adventurous, or like to experience things in a different way, then you would love spending time in these pools.

What makes it so expensive?

While these pools look attractive, it is very expensive to uphold the complete architecture.

The shorter wall of the pool from which the water spills needs to be regularly maintained to withstand the continuous flow of water, while being attractive.

  • The idea seems to be absolutely exciting but, the cost to install an infinity pool is not the same as that of the regular one. One of the main reasons that contribute to the cost is the power that is needed to run the pool. It consumes heavy power in order to operate the pool successfully.
  • The cost to install an infinity pool is comparatively very high perhaps because of the special basin being the other reason. It serves as the spill over catch and continually operates to regulate the flow of water.
  • The water that is collected in the special basin needs to be pumped back to the pool above. For this, you need to build a special system that continuously operates to push back the water before it overflows from the catch basin.
  • Another factor that contributes to the price is maintaining and continuously treating the short dam wall that separates the pool from the spill basin. You should ensure that the dam wall is waterproof as it needs to bear the continuous flow of pool water.

The above reasons contribute to the price of installing vanishing edge pools. The price of these factors will be deducted if you are planning to install a regular pool.

Who can install it?

Swimming pools have been into existence since the ancient times. Infinity model pools have been the latest trend and hence, you need to search for an expert who has experience with similar projects in his past career. Though pool industry easily offers you many professionals to build a regular pool, it is not so easy to find one for an infinity pool.

Apart from the installation cost, labour charges, customized architectural design charges and the raw material costs, you need to pay a lot extra or pay a premium to get the appointment of an expertise that you specially prefer.

Since it is a risky project, all pool companies will not come forward to offer installation services. For these kinds of projects, you cannot take the risk of hiring a less expensive pool company as their work might not catch up your expectations.

How about maintenance charges?

Once you install infinity pool in your backyard, the cost doesn’t end there. You need to continuously bear maintenance charges that are quite expensive.

Apart from regular maintenance that you do for regular pools like running filters regularly, chlorination, pH level balancing, removing metals, debris, taking measures to keep mosquitoes away etc., you will have extra maintenance to do for infinity pools. These include you to run an extra pumping system that pumps the water that spilled into the catch basin, back to the pool. Maintaining this system is very expensive and it requires a lot of power to run.

All these effectively impact the maintenance bill. Also, these pools are not compatible to using pool covers. Hence, you need to regularly work to remove the dirt and debris. Also, because of the absence of pool cover, the water tends to evaporate faster and this again contributes to adding extra maintenance charges because of power bill.

What are the cons?

The primary prerequisites to install an infinity pool is that you will need a lot of money and a big back yard. Apart from this, you will have many negatives when installing such pools.

Let’s note some of them below:

  1. Infinity pools are not economical.
  2. These pools involve a lot of maintenance.
  3. Cannot use pool cover and hence water evaporates faster.
  4. The pool is prone to debris and dirt.
  5. Very less professionals who offer infinity pool services are available.
  6. Consumes lot of power to operate.
  7. Installation cost is very high.
  8. Maintenance cost is high.
  9. Repairing costs are high.
  10. Risk of somebody falling from the short wall into the spill basin is high. So if you are having kids, it is better to ignore these pools or else, you need to continuously help them spend time in the pool, under your supervision.

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Opting for an infinity pool is not an easy thing. You need to make a lot of background research and analyse if it suits your lifestyle. These pools are very attractive and when installed in areas that have beautiful nature as background, like hilly areas or rivers or sea, you will have a breath-taking experience. You will feel as if your pool merges with the other water body. Apart from this experience, rest of the swimming experience is the same.

If you love to be adventurous and want to take your swimming experience to the next level, then you can opt for infinity pools.

The biggest negative about installing an infinity pool is the proper place for installation, and money. You may also find it difficult to find a professional who has prior experience with infinity pool projects. Also, they are highly paid as the project involves lot of risk.

You will need to spend a lot down the road for its maintenance and the power to operate these pools is very high. Also, there is a risk that you may fall from the spill wall into the catch basin.

If the infinity pool cost and risks associated with it doesn’t bother you, then why wait? Just go ahead and get a thrilled swimming experience!

How Much Does Acid Wash Pool Cost?

pool acid wash

How much does Acid Wash Pool Cost?

Are you worried that your pool is no more pleasing the swimmers? If your pool is not maintained to be hygienic, it will not attract anyone anymore. If you are thinking about acid wash pool cost, then it means that your pool is the highlight point at your outdoor space, being the centre of attraction for every social gathering.

A pool looks unpleasant due to many reasons. One of the reasons is because of the build-up of chemical deposits, algae, metals in water and the rust. All these stain the water, make them cloudy or muddy, seeming very unpleasant to the swimmers. Also, these unwanted build-ups will stain the surface and walls of the pool. An acid wash helps you to quickly remove those ugly stains and build-ups, giving you a shiny bright pool.

What factors define the cost?

The cost of acid wash for a pool depends on factors like:

  1. Geographical location of your pool.
  2. Accessibility of your pool.
  3. Size of your pool.
  4. Time of the year.

If your pool measures about 500 square feet then, an acid wash might cost you about $175 to $250. The price includes the labour cost and necessary chemicals as well.

If you want to perform the wash on your own, then you will save labour charges and will need to spend only on chemicals that might cost you around $30. If you are performing the acid wash at home, then you will need a sump pump, and buy protective clothing.

When can you acid wash a pool?

Pool maintenance needs to be performed on a regular basis. When you plan to build a pool, all that reminds in your mind is the enjoyment you get by swimming.

On the other hand, you also need to think about regular maintenance. You need to continuously maintain chemical balance, pH level balance, clean the debris, filter water, prevent the build-up of algae, chemical deposits and stains.

You will often need to check the quality of your pool and do the needful whenever it is necessary. Most of the times, when the build-up of dirt is too deep, an acid wash can cleanse your pool. This requires you to drain the pool while performing acid wash.

Difference between Acid Washing and Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning is a normal cleaning procedure that does not require you to drain the pool water.

Usually, cleaning procedures include:

  1. Scrubbing off the sides and bottom of the pool with an iron or steel bristle brush.
  2. Cleaning the pool filter cartridges or replacing them if required.
  3. Removing the floating leaves and debris with a thin net.
  4. Checking the chemical levels and pH balance in the water and adjusting them whenever necessary.

Acid wash is different from normal pool cleaning in the way that it is required when the dirt is accumulated in layers on the pool bottom surface and side walls. It is the method to clean dirt that is deep and needs a powerful chemical dose.

Acid wash requires you to drain the pool until it is empty and then apply a thin layer of acid solution on the side walls and bottom surface of the pool. Acid wash helps you to remove chemical and metal stains, calcium deposits and algae, which is not possible with normal pool cleaning.

Acid wash suits which type of pools?

Do you know that you cannot perform acid wash in all the pools. It can be performed only on pools that have plaster or Pebble Tec surfaces. If your pool is old with a very thin plaster, you cannot perform acid wash.

For such pools, you will be left with only one option, and that is to resurface the complete pool. You can consult a pool professional to guide you how often you can perform acid wash to your pool.

An acid wash can be harmful to the pool in the way that it removes a thin layer of the pool’s surface. Hence, you should not perform it too often. You can plan it once a year to reduce the chances of getting the pool into repairs like resurfacing.

It is better to avoid acid wash as much as you can, and that is possible only when you maintain normal cleaning regularly. As a part of normal cleaning, you will need to scrub the walls and surface to avoid the building up of calcium deposits and algae layers on the pool bottom and wall’s surface.

When should you hire a professional?

Many pool owners think to save pool maintenance cost by performing acid wash themselves at home. You should remember that chlorine and acid are hazardous chemicals and you may not be aware of risks and injury caused by them if you are not cautious. Moreover, if you do not perform acid wash in a proper way, you may be damaging your pool.

If you are aware of the risks involved in performing an acid wash to a pool, you can take some precautionary steps like wearing goggles, gloves, protective clothing and foot wear while washing the pool with acid.

If you are not serious about following safety guidelines, you may not be saving maintenance costs, but will risk your life. If you do not want to take a chance, then hiring a professional pool cleaner is the best option that you can make. It is quicker, effective, safer and will help you restore the look and feel of the pool.

How to perform acid wash?

If you are confident that you have the ability and skills to perform acid wash while taking all the precautionary steps, here is the procedure for you:

Precautionary steps before performing acid wash:

Safety is very important while working with acid. Not only you, your pool also needs safety. So, you want to wash the acid from the pool surface as soon as possible and a helping assistant might come handy for you.

Hence, you will need the following:

  • Goggles
  • Rubber Boots
  • Protective Clothing
  • Face Mask
  • Helping assistant, who may also need precautionary accessories

Instructions to perform acid wash (10 Steps):

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Step 7
  • step 8
  • step 9
  • step 10

Refill the pool again and add required chemicals and adjust the pH balance.

Cost estimation if done by a professional

If you want acid pool cleaning to be performed by a professional, then you will need to bear the labour charges, but you will avoid all the risky injuries that you may not be aware of. You can contact your local pool store to help you with a trained professional who has good success record from his past client cases.


Acid wash pool cost depends on how you want to perform it. If you want to get it done by a professional, you need not worry about any hassle and should just bear the service expenses.

The labour charges will cost you around $175 to $250 depending on the size of your pool and the professional from a specific service brand.

If you are aware of performing acid wash and have the capability to perform it, you will save the labour cost in your maintenance budget, and will only need to bear the cost of safety accessories and acid. This may cost you around $ to $100 and the safety accessories can last for multiple washes in the future.