Above Ground Pool Heat Pump – Different Types And Uses

A heat pump can be the best solution for your pool that freezes throughout the cool climatic conditions. Heat pumps are more economical than the traditional gas heaters. You can use the energy of heat pump only when you want to warm your pool.

A pool heat pump makes use of electricity to pull the heat from surround air and transfers it to the pool water be it above ground, in-ground or hidden water pools. Hence it is ecologically safe and clean while proving to be cost efficient.


AquaCal vs Hayward Heat Pump

Both AquaCal and Hayward are best known to offer wide variety of heat pump models to meet the varied requirements of swimming pool industry.

AquaCal Heat Pumps

AquaCal was founded in 1981 and offers different varieties of heat pump models and are manufactured in United States of America. AquaCal distributes its products worldwide by taking the help of HornerXpress.

Typically, one of the most selling models, SQ175 with 6.1 COP , 134,000 BTU and titanium exchanger, AquaCal offers warranty of 7 years on parts, 2 years on labor, 7 years on compressor and life time on heat exchanger. This shows how confidently AquaCal guarantees their quality.

Hayward Heat Pumps

On the other hand, Hayward has been in this industry since 80 years and is known to offer high quality heat pumps, swimming pool solutions and outstanding customer support. Like AquaCal, Hayward also manufactures its products in USA. In the year 2008, they acquired Summit Heat Pumps to enhance their heating product line.

They offer economical heat pumps, constructed in horizontal or vertical models that are best sized for small above ground swimming pools of size 13,000 gallons. They use less energy than a traditional propane or natural gas heater. The titanium exchanger provides outstand resistance for salt water and chemical corrosion.

HP50HA Heat Pump Manual

Hayward Heat Pump HP50HA is known to be one of the best heat pump models. It is designed to support both in ground and above ground pools up to 13,000 gallon. The manual for this product is available online as well and it mainly covers installation, service and maintenance.

You are suggested to read the complete manual cautiously before you start installing and maintaining the unit. The manual clearly warns that the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any fatal injury occurred while installing or maintaining the product. They suggest to get the product installed by a highly qualified personnel.


The manufacturer only provides the heat pump unit. The other parts required for installation should be bought by the users of the system.

  • Place the heat pump vertically in the outdoors where fresh air, electricity and pool filter piping is available.
  • Install the heat pump within 7.5 meters distance from the pool. The more the distance of the heat pump from the pool, the more will be the warmness of the water that flows out from the pipe.
  • The titanium exchanger does not require much of plumbing work, except bypass.
  • Get the electrical connection done based on the wiring diagram provided in the manual.
  • Follow the initial startup procedure right after the installation. In this step, you can ensure that all the connections, switches and water valves are working properly to heat the pool water efficiently.


The HP50HA model heat pump manual provides wiring diagram that helps you get the electrical wiring done efficiently. Every detail is clearly described here with all the technical terms explained. As the manufacturer warns, you must get the wiring done by a qualified professional as they are specially trained and can handle any situation in a better way than you do.


The cost incurred by a heat pump is usually least when compared to other gas, electric or wooden pool heaters. Heat pump is the best option for you if you live in an area where natural or propane gas services are difficult and electricity is expensive. Heat pumps are not as fast as the gas pool heaters but the cost difference is high.

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Heat pumps are ecologically safe, cost efficient and offer consistent results throughout the cool climatic conditions. They take the heat from the surrounding air by making use of electric energy and transfer the heat into the pool water.

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