A New Invention: Hidden Water Pools

what is hidden water pools and how it works You have always longed for a swimming pool at your house but the space in lawn is limited but the danger of your kids going

Drain, Clean and Refill a Swimming Pool With And Without Pumps

A swimming pool gives a lot of pleasure and enjoyment for humans of every age. Many people use it to relieve from stress after a hectic schedule. Swimming is one of the best body

Best Swimming Pool Algaecides – A How to Use Guide

Algae are always a problem when they start to develop in your swimming pool or pond. They can grow at a rapid speed and take control of your swimming pool. Therefore, you need to

What Is The Best Above Ground Pool Heater

Getting inside an icy swimming pool makes you very uncomfortable especially during cool climatic conditions. If you really want to experience the ecstasy of swim as you did during your summers, you need to

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Do you own a swimming pool at your home or at your property? Are you looking to make it more beautiful and useful by constructing an above ground pool deck? Nowadays, the demand for

How To Raise pH Level In Pool? Simple And Effective Steps

Overview A swimming pool must always be well maintained and in the maintenance, having a balanced pool water pH is an important factor not to be ignored at any cost. The installation of hidden

Above Ground Pool Heat Pump – Different Types And Uses

A heat pump can be the best solution for your pool that freezes throughout the cool climatic conditions. Heat pumps are more economical than the traditional gas heaters. You can use the energy of

How To Fix and Clear cloudy pool water

Overview You have a luxurious and expensive pool at home and one day you are enjoying swimming or in  a sparkling clear water and the next day you see a transparent pool water has

Invisible Pool Fence: Features and Benefits

Overview When it comes to have a pool at home, whether it is hidden, in-ground or over-ground, the major concern that comes to one’s mind is the safety. According to WHO report, there are

How To Get Rid Of Algae In Pool

Overview Algae is a common word known to almost every pool owner. Algae, an aquatic organism contain chlorophyll and catalyses, when comes in contact with sunlight, photosynthesis the growth of this algae in water.

How much does an indoor pool cost

Overview Just a few years back indoor pools were considered a luxury affordable only by the rich and famous. But the scenario and opinion about these space utilizing pools have changed tremendously. Thanks to

How to setup a fresh water pool

Overview Everyone in his lives, at some time, have dreamt of swimming under a waterfall or in fresh water lake. With the help of technology, you can fulfill this dream right in the comfort